Make a Paper Circuit with Template

What is Paper Circuit

The exciting hands-on project to explore the basic concepts of conductor, circuit, and flow of electricity, types of the circuit while making interesting objects and characters.

Material and Tools needed for Paper Circuit

  • LEDs
  • Coin Battery
  • Circuit template
  • Aluminum tape
  • Scissors
paper circuit template
paper circuit template

How to make Paper Circuit?

  • Cut the Aluminium tape strips of width 5mm/0.5cm with the help of scissors.
  • Take out one end of the aluminum sticker tape about few millimeters and start sticking it throughout the template
  • Try to stick whole without breaking the tape
  • Connect the LEDs as per shown on the template
  • Remember that the longer leg is positive and the shorter one is negative

Few project's picture from an online STEM camp batch6

Simple Paper Circuit

Simple Paper Circuit
Simple Paper Circuit
Simple Paper parallel Circuit
Simple Paper parallel Circuit

This Paper circuit kit also available at Pakistan Science Club online shop

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