vibrating robot

Make a Vibrating Robot

Introduction to Vibrating Robot

The vibrating robot is a fun-filled hands-on activity to understand the basic robot and mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants to learn about motion in a machine and its importance.

Material and Tools needed

  • Disposable cup
  • 3/4 round sticks
  • DC motor
  • AA battery cells (2)
  • Battery holder
  • 1 cm glue stick piece
  • Switch
  • Glue Gun

Note: Material for this project also available at

vibrating robot material


vibrating robot assembling



How to make Vibrating Robot

  • Join round sticks equally spaced with cup using a glue gun so as to make legs of the robot
  • Insert the shaft of the motor into glue gun piece
  • Connect battery holder switch and motor wires in series as shown
  • Stick battery holder, motor, and switch at the top with a glue gun as below
  • Decorate your robot with anything you like

Few glimpse from Pakistan Science club online STEM Camp

Video tutorial of Making of Vibrating Robot

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