8 Science Projects for kids age 6 to 14 can be make at Home

8 Science Projects for kids age 6 to 14

If you are a teacher or parent and looking for some cool science project for your kids' age 8 to 14 or grade 3 to 8, to make at home. Here I'm sharing 8 Science Projects for kids easy to do innovative projects which can be done by kids with adult supervision.

For the making of science projects, the biggest challenge is the arrangement of material which is not easily available in any single supper store of Hardwear shop, for example, you want to make a hand power generator so you need a dc motor, led nuts, and bolts MDF sheet, etc.

It is almost impossible to find all these items in one shop. For this problem, Pakistan Science club's ScienceStore.pk design some innovative kits like Inventor box, Be maker STEM kit 1.0, STEM kit 2.0, etc. according to the requirement of science projects.

One more thing is also very important it's appropriate tools like a hot glue gun, Scissors, Plier, knife cutter, soldering iron (Buy online in Pakistan Tool kits for DIY Science Projects at sciencestore.pk.

It is an engineering Tool kit for DIY Science Projects for your child to introduce them to the world of circuits, machines, robotics, etc.)

I am sharing 8 Science Projects for kids which are also used in PSC online family stem camp 2020 batch 3. These are follows 

Science Project #1 Periscope

Periscope is a fun-filled activity to explore light, its nature, and basic laws, it also helps to understand reflection, its characteristics, and daily life use.

For the construction of the periscope, you need 2 by 2-inch plane mirrors and cardboard or any carton box. learn step by step via this link How to Make Periscope

Science Project #2 Walking Robot

An exciting hands-on activity to understand basic robotics and mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants to learn about mechanical movements in a machine and their significance. This project inspired by PSC Electric Walking Robot Kit. The material of this project hardly available in the market but it can be made large popsicle sticks and yellow dc gear motor with this template. Watch video 

Science Project #3 Hydraulic Robotic Arm

The hydraulic arm is a popular project to learn about simple machines and mechanisms, the activity also explains hydraulic pressure, Pascal’s principle, its importance, and various applications. For the making of this project, you have arranged 6 syringes of drip pipe, large popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and a paper clip. Its video tutorial can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksYDysX_RLY

Science Project #4 Wireless Electricity

While learning about the amazing ideas and concepts of Nicola Tesla, wireless electricity is a must-do project, exciting activity to understand the wireless transmission of electricity and future possibilities to make it useful. learn how to make wireless electricity project 

Science Project #5 Hand Water Pump

It is an outstanding activity to learn about one of the old machines that have been used by the human for centuries, it also explains the concept of piston and suction along others. Learn by watching this video Water Pump Working Model without Motor and Electricity

Science Project #6 Hand Powered Generator

Generation of electricity from various resources has always been the topic of interest, this exciting project will help participants to learn about the electricity generation by turbines, its parts, and process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXFD5voldI4

Science Project #7 Solar Powered Fan

A worth learning fun-filled activity to explore renewable and solar energy, the participants will understand how they can use sunlight to operate a fan and benefit themselves during the electricity shutdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGNgb2h-OIc

Science Project #8 Solar Powered Car

Non-carbon fuel vehicles are the future of transport and this hands-on project explains its basic phenomenon, principles, and working which helps participants to understand its effectiveness and importance How to Make Solar-powered Car at Home | STEAM / Science Project

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