How To Make An Electromagnet | Awesome Physics Project

Today I was studying about flux change and electromagnetism in which, I came to know that there is a simple project related to this. so I checked that was a to make a electromagnet. That was very easy and I made it in 5 minutes .it is really awesome you can check it at below in video. I didn’t give much of turns there for it was not too strong but it was a magnet.

Required Components:

  • 9v Battery
  • Dc Switch
  • Copper Wire (Coil)
  • Match Box
  • Ruler ( Your Choice )
  • 2x Nuts ( One Needed )
  • Glue Gun
  • Soldering Iron
  • Some Metal Things ( I have used small nails )


  1. First I attach the switch on the side of 9v battery. I bend one side of the switch so it touch the positive terminal of battery.
  2. In next step I attach the 9v battery with the ruler with the help of glue.
  3. Then I took the coil and around the bolts I give it some turns. Around 27-30 turns.( More Turns Stronger The Magnet Will Be )
  4. Then I removed the isolation from the end side of copper wire. For this I used a fire there are many way you can  remove that isolation if you don’t want to use it.
  5. At first I attach the one end of copper wire with negative terminal of battery by Soldering Iron. Then I attach the the switch with the positive terminal. And at last I connected the other end of copper wire with the 2nd end of switch.
  6. Circuit Completed…..After Turning ‘On’ the switch it worked. I have demo video Below check it and you will understand much more.


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