Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Science You don’t need a laboratory to experiment with science, just try these fun science activities at home! Many of the experiments below …


Globby Gooey Gak

Concoct some stretchy green goo and learn about polymers, too!
Download a printable copy of this activity

Color Full Inks

Find the different colored pigments hidden inside your marker ink.
Paper Chromatography Experiment for kids

Floating in Air
Levitate a ping pong ball with a little help from Bernoulli’s Principle. download

Funnel Challenge
Have fun with a funnel and air pressure.

Nutrition In Your Food
Use science to find the nutritious ingredients in your food.

Measure your very own heart rate. How To Make Pulse Counter

Bend a Pencil (Using Light)
Use the magic of science and light to bend a pencil. Download

Lemon Light
Create energy using the chemical reactions between lemon acid and metal. How to make a lemon battery light a LED bulb

Build a Bug
Create your own edible bug.

Ladybug Glider
Build a ladybug-shaped glider and experiment with how the weight of the glider affects how well it flies.

Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

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