Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

Do-It-Yourself Science You don't need a laboratory to experiment with science, just try these fun science activities at home! Many of the experiments below ...


Globby Gooey Gak

Concoct some stretchy green goo and learn about polymers, too!
Download a printable copy of this activity

Color Full Inks

Find the different colored pigments hidden inside your marker ink.
Paper Chromatography Experiment for kids

Floating in Air
Levitate a ping pong ball with a little help from Bernoulli's Principle. download

Funnel Challenge
Have fun with a funnel and air pressure.

Nutrition In Your Food
Use science to find the nutritious ingredients in your food.

Measure your very own heart rate. How To Make Pulse Counter

Bend a Pencil (Using Light)
Use the magic of science and light to bend a pencil. Download

Lemon Light
Create energy using the chemical reactions between lemon acid and metal. How to make a lemon battery light a LED bulb

Build a Bug
Create your own edible bug.

Ladybug Glider
Build a ladybug-shaped glider and experiment with how the weight of the glider affects how well it flies.

Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids

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