DIY Science Project: How to Make Solenoid Engine

What is the Solenoid engine

Solenoid engine is a great educational project for the understanding of basic concepts of electromagnetism, mechanics, reciprocating motion, timing and engines. The construction of the Solenoid engine idea is very simple: It is a “similar-to-combustion-engine” but powered by electricity instead of fuel.

What is Solenoid?

Solenoids are powerful electromagnets made from an iron rod wrapped in coils of electric wire. When electricity flows through the wire, it turns the iron rod into a powerful magnet. When the electricity is switched off, the iron rod stops being magnetic.

Material Required for the making of solenoid engine

  • Solenoid actuator
  • 2 bolts 5 cm and 3mm
  •  2 bolts 3cm by 3mm
  • nuts
  • washers
  • plastic spacer
  • 10-inch copper wire 22 gauge
  • 20 by 10 cm wooden piece
  • 20 by 10 cm hardboard sheet
  • 24v power supply of battery

Crankshaft Template

Solenoid engine template
Solenoid engine sketch
Solenoid engine sketch

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