Make your own Electromagnet (Urdu)

Make your own Electromagnet (Urdu)

Make your own Electromagnet (Urdu)

Make your own Electromagnet (Urdu)

An electromagnet is a type of magnet in which the magnetic field is produced by the electricity. This experiment about What is an electromagnet? How to make an Electromagnet? What Are Electromagnets Used For in Everyday Life?
This Project experiment video hosted by Fatima Rasheed she is Pakistan Science club's junior scientist she also host many videos like how to make simple telescope, how to make coin battery how to make tumble wing

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What is Electromagnets

Electromagnets is a type of magnets which is magnetized by the help of electricity, it is a temporary magnet its magnetization removed with the disconnection of electric current. It is widely used in electronics devices such as motors, generators, relays loudspeakers, hard disk drive scientific instruments and magnetic separation process. In industries it is to lift and move heavy iron pieces or machinery.

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Things required making

  1. An iron nail
  2. Few feet copper laminated coil 30 number gauge
  3. Battery cell 9 volt
  4. Paper pins
  5. Lighter
  6. Tape

How to make

  1. First take an iron nail, grip it from pointed side, and leave two inch copper wire and start turning or winding it around the nail.
  2. After giving more than 200 turns burn both ends of copper wire to remove its coating.
  3. Bring the nail near paper pin it will not attract them but ends of the coil to the terminals of battery it will become an temporary magnet

How it works

There are many free electrons in a conductor or metals which randomly and freely move in whole conductor and their overall effect is neutral. When the electric current is pass throe it, they align than selves in two poles that is north and south temporarily but when their electric current is switch off they turn again demagnetized.



Electromagnet nail and Copper Wire 9 Volt Battery


Electromagnet nail and Copper Wire


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