Windmill science fair project

Make Science Fair Project WindMill

Introduction of Wind Mill

As the world is now moving towards alternative and clean energy resources due to fast depreciation of fossil fuel, one of which is wind energy. It can be transformed into various forms of energy by different methods and windmill or wind turbine is one of the best methods to transform wind energy into electrical energy.

A simple Windmill or wind turbine can be made by using simple household things to understand the aerodynamics and function of wind mill.

Material Required

Following material are required:

  • Corrugated Cardboard Sheet

As the corrugated cardboard is hard enough to resist against bending when air blow, it is be used to make blades for wind turbine. Cardboard sheets of 9×9 and 6×6 square inch are required for making of blades and base of wind mill respectively.

  • Disposable Cups

Stand of the wind mill is made with disposable cups and blades are attached to it.

  • Round Craft Sticks

Round sticks are used to attach blades with stand.

  • Pencil
  • Scale.
  • Scissor
  • Paper tape
  • Scotch tape
  • Thread
  • Some weight
  • Compass.

To make a simple wind mill, following material are required.


  • Making Of Blades

• Making Of Blades

Take card board piece of 9×9 sq. inch and make the diagonals to the square sheet, take point of intersection of diagonals as a center of circle and make a circle with radius 2.5 cm.

From the point where circle intersects the diagonal, draw the lines from both the sides in such a way that they both join at the end.


wind-mill blades

In the same way, make four blades.


wind-mill blades designing

Cut the blades along the mark with the help of scissor.


wind-mill blades construction

At the center of the blades, make a small hole and fix the round stick with the help of paper tape.


wind-mill blades construction

At the inside edges, make a cut of approximately 1 cm vertically and slightly tilt the blades to give them aerodynamic shape so that they can move with the wind

Making of  Tower For Wind Mill

Making Of Tower For Wind Mill

Join the 2 disposable cups base to base with the help of paper tape, then join another cup head to head with any of the cup, join the head of another cup with the cardboard base of 6 sq. inch with the help of scotch tape or paper tape.

•Making Of Tower For Wind Mill

Making of  Tower For Wind Mill


wind mill

Join two more disposable cups head to head with tape and make holes in the center of the cup’s base so the stick can pass through it



Join them to the tower in T-shape.

•Making Of Tower For Wind Mill

Cut a small circle of cardboard sheet and make a hole in it. Pass it through the stick and join with the help of tape, it will act as a stopper.


Making of Tower For Wind Mill

Make two holes oppositely near the upper end of a disposable cup with the help of compass. Tie it with a piece of thread approximately 1 ft long.

  • Pass the round stick with blades through the T-tower.
  • Tie free end of the thread with end of the stick.
  • Put some weight in the cup to check whether the wind mill is able to raise weight or not.


Check the wind mill working by using an air dryer or blower.

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