How To Make Balloon Powered Car

Balloon powered car is an easy DIY science project which helps the students to understand about the basic vehicle mechanism and how air pressure can be used to drive a simple car.

Material Required for making Balloon powered Car

  • Cardboard piece.
  • Straws.
  • Balloon.
  • Paper tape.
  • Kabab Sticks
  • Compass and pencil.

Steps of Construction

  • Cut a piece of cardboard as the body of your car, for example 6in × 10in.
  • Cut the straws slightly larger than 6 in and join them to the cardboard on the opposite sides with the help of paper tape.
  • Mark four wheels of cardboard of radius 2.5 cm with the help of compass and cut them.
  • Wound some paper tape at the end of the kabab stick and pass it through the center of one tyre, pass the stick across the straw and pass the second tyre from the other end and stick the tape so to avoid it from skipping.
  • In the same manner, fix the other two tyres.
  • Cut the end of the balloon and join it to the straw with the help of paper tape.
  • Join the straw to the base of the car with paper tape.
  • The car is now ready.
Balloon Powered Car

Balloon Powered Car

Balloon Powered Car

Balloon Powered Car

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