Make your own Equipment for static electricity

Make your own Equipment for static electricity

Level: Elementary/Secondary

Concept: Equipment for static electricity


In order to show the facts, “There are two kinds of charges, like charges repel and unlike charges attract.” directly to your students, this  equipment is very effective and convenient. We can use this equipment in testing the nature of magnetic force.


  1. a rubber stopper (NO.11)
  2. a mini test tube (diameter: 10mm , length: 70mm)
  3. a plastic bottle (500ml)
  4. a bamboo stick (length: 24cm)


  1. Making a rotators) Make a hole of 8 mm at the centre of the rubber stopper using a cork borer, make a groove on the top of the rubber stopper and push the mini test
    tube through the hole as shown in Fig.2.
  2. Cut the plastic bottle into three potions and shorten the
    height of the bottle as shown in Fig.3.
  3. Make two small holes at the center of the cap and the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Put the bamboo stick through the two holes as shown in Fig.3.
  5. Put sand into the bottle to stabilize it as a stand.
  6. Put the rotator at the top of the bamboo stick.



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