How to make simple DIY cotton candy machine at home

How to make simple DIY cotton candy machine at home

How to make simple DIY cotton candy machine at home

Cotton candy is one of the worldwide, oldest and most popular among all specially children like it the most. To make one’s own cotton candy machine at home is very simple and interesting DIY project. We can make cotton candy machine at home by using simple household material.


When sugar is heated, it becomes liquid caramel. If heating continues, the sugar burns out. When liquid caramel is pushed out from tiny holes to the outside by the centrifugal force when the container continuously rotate, the cotton candy is produced by the re crystallization of it in the form of minutely thin sugar strands.


Tea strainer of metal, motor, spirit lamp, pin, adhesive tape, rubber tube, aluminum plate, dry battery, connecting wire, cardboard box and crystallized sugar.


  1. Cut the aluminum plate as like the gear wheel for the tea strainer lid, made a hole in it for putting sugar in the tea strainer.
  2. Bend the tail of the tea strainer from the center and from an end to make a loop or grip for wire.
  3. Up to the axis of the motor, we will put up a pin and a rubber tube.
  4. Make a loop of wire and join the pin of the motor to it.
  5. Connect the motor and the tea strainer with the help of connecting wire by aligning them in the same line.
  6. In the cardboard box, put a spirit lamp and ignite it.
  7. Put the crystallized sugar in the tea strainer.
  8. Connect a battery to the motor after heating sugar on the spirit lamp for a while.
  9. Rotate the motor continuously so to collect cotton candy at the walls of the box.
Cotton candy making
part of rotor
the joint of motor
Cotton candy making diagram


good Cotton candy making

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