How to make Ammonia fountain

How to make ammonia fountain

How to make ammonia fountain : The ammonia fountain is a great demonstration used to notice the solubility of ammonia in water.

Materials needed how  to make ammonia fountain

Ammonia solution, test tube clamp, phenolphthalein, PET bottle or glass bottle with cap, injection syringes, straws, beakers, test tubes, spirit lamps, and rubber stopper.

Ammonia fountain

Experiment 1


  1. Pour the ammonia solution in the test tube and fix the rubber stopper on the test tube.
  2. Mouth of a dry test tube is faced downward and ammonia gas is collected. The mouth of the test tube is caped by the thumb.
  3. The thumb is opened a little in the beaker that puts water in.


Ammonia gas dissolves into water. The inside pressure of test tube becomes small, and the finger is stuck quickly to the test tube.

Experiment 2 ammonia fountain



  1. We will make two holes on the cap of bottle.
  2. We will pass the straw through one hole and the injection syringe through the second hole of the cap.
  3. Cover the all sides of the hole  with clay carefully.


  1. Put water into the injection syringe.
  2. Water is put in the beaker, and the phenolphthalein is put by several drops. ammonia fountain diagram
  3. The mouth of a dry bottle faces downside and ammonia gas is collected inside of the bottle.
  4. The cap of the bottle is closed, and the end of straw put into the water of the beaker.
  5. The water of the injection syringe is put in the glass bottle.


The science of this project is that ammonia dissolves into water and that is why  pressure becomes small and  water is sucked up.
As for as the water in the bottle is concern it becomes red because ammonia solution is base and reacts with the phenolphthalein.

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