How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand)

How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand)

In this science experiment you will learn how to make water proof sand (magic sand). Normally when water is added to sand the outcome is predictable. The water soaks in and the sand becomes wet and sinks. This is not the case with water proof sand!  Water proof sand has the unique quality of staying dry under water. 


  1. -Sand
  2. Silicon spray
  3. 2 clear plastic or glass containers with large mouths

Process Make Magic Sand

The first thing we will need is a baking pan wrapped with tin foil so that we don't damage it. Be sure to wrap it around the edges to completely protect it. The second thing will need is some dry sand. I got this hermit crab sand at my local pet store for about three bucks. And lastly the key ingredient is a can of Scotch Gard from our home improvement store. Now take the sand and spread it around evenly on your baking pan. like to shake the pan gently to spread it out. Then, spray an even coat of the Scotch Gard over the top of the sand. Once it is dry, use your hand and spread it around and mix it up. We want a whole new layer of sand to coat. Once you've smoothed it out completely, it's time to apply another even coat of Scotch Gard. After it dries you need to repeat this process five or six times. And that's it! Now you have your very own batch of magic water-proof sand to amaze your friends with.


The Science Behind Make Magic Sand Experiment: Magic sand works because the silicone coating makes it repel the water molecules.

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