Simple wireless electricity transmission project

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  • sana raheel

    Habab keep it up. very nice and simple project I will try in my class.

  • mymojobiz

    Great Job Kiddo – you are genius – I will try this at home…

  • milind sahu

    i want to buy this wireless power transmission device if yes then mail me on

  • Oli Ver

    Please tell us how much this cost because I needed this for my thesis

  • ignatius

    Hello, I like your experiment. But I don’t understand how the dc-ac convertion on the transmitter side and the ac-dc convertion at the receiver side takes place. Can you explain that to me. Thanks.

    • Transistor generator high frequency and oscillate on the transmitter side so it produce induction and other receiver side it generate ac voltage but in high frequency.

  • Muhammad Usama Ali

    from where we can get transistor?

    • it can easily available at any electronics components shop

  • Olivia Dial (Dialstylette)

    Ive done this over and over again and i cant get the receiver coil to light up. I dont know what im doing wrong?????

    • can you share your projects pictures here?

  • nanamasruri