ac generator "Permanent magnet alternator" from Hard disk magnets

How to Make AC generator "Permanent magnet alternator" from old Hard disk drive magnets

How to make AC generator "Permanent magnet alternator" from old Hard disk drive magnets: Urdu video tutorial about making of  AC generator (PMA Permanent magnet alternator) using old Hard disk drive magnets. This generator produce 12 volt and 0.5 amp at around 1000 rpm and can be used for charging mobile and other devices.

What is AC Generator?

The AC Alternating Current Generator. An electric generator, or dynamo, is a device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Why we make AC generator: The goal of this project to design and manufacture a permanent magnet alternator" from old harddisk drive magnets that could be mounted to the dual rotor vertical axis wind turbine. The budget for the project is very low and need good results so we decide to get powerful neodymium magnets from  hard disk drive. The generator had to be capable of producing 5Watt of power with a 12 V output in order to limit the current and heat produced .

We have also make video tutorial of an alternator AC generator


  • 6 magnates of Hard Disk Drive
  • 12 cm hard board disk
  • 12 cm wooden disk
  • 26 to 30 gauge copper wire
  • Supper glue (alfi)
  • LEDs
  • Toy car small motor
  • Some connecting wires.


Make AC Generator :  Coil pattern diagram

Make AC Generator : Coil pattern diagram

Single Phase Coil Winding

Single Phase Coil Winding

diagram Disk with magnets

diagram Disk with magnets

Watch Video hosted at Pak Science Club YouTube Channel

Make AC generator

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