How to make Fruit Cell

How to make Fruit Cell
How to make Fruit Cell

Build Your Own Fruit electric cell


It is possible to make electricity with the fruit and the vegetable. A small current makes the lighting of light emitting diode (LED).


Fruit or vegetable (grapefruit, lemon, orange, and radish, etc.), coppers and zinc plates, light emitting diode (LED), conducting wire, clips, and sandpapers


(1)The part inserted in fruits of the copper and the zinc plate is sandpapered.
(2)Two incisions to insert the copper and the zinc plate in the fruit are put.

(3)The copper and the zinc plate are inserted in the fruit.Two fruits or more connect in series because the battery power is weak in one fruit.
(4)The LED connects to the conducting wire. It connects reversely when not lighting. The LED for low voltage is better.
The electric power strengthens if two fruit electric cell or more connect in series.



Why does the fruit electric cell generate an electric current? The reason is the metal and the acid contained in the fruit.

The surface begins to dissolve slightly when the metal touches the acid. The metal that began to dissolve becomes a cation that is the positive electricity. When the metal becomes a cation, the negative electron remains on the metal. A lot of electrons are transmitted in the conducting wire and flow from the zinc plate to the copper plate because the zinc dissolves easily to the acids more than the copper and the zinc becomes a cation easily in this experiment. The flow of this electron makes the LED shine.

Fruit Cell


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