Home Biogas Plant -Turning waste into gas and Fertilizer

Home Biogas Plant - Turning waste into Biogas and Fertilizer

Food waste and declining energy sources are major environmental hazards biogas is the solution it's a natural process in which organic waste is converted into cooking gas so five years ago we went on a mission to bring biogas to every home regroup the best engineers scientists designers and product people togethere Markiting manager of Home Biogas Ron Yariv Said:

Homebiogas is the first family sized user friendly affordable biogas system. It is the change and you can put it in your backyard home biogas plant comes in and easy to assemble kit and its uses a simple as can be just throwing your organic waste in there. You go hot stove ready for cooking a cycle of in-house energy and it runs with no electricity or leftovers provide you two to three hours of energy and a handy kitchen leftovers including meat and dairy or even your pets live just toss.

home biogas plant
home biogas plant

It all inside home biogas and the bacteria in the digester will decompose the organic material and released by him as a by product of the digestion and biogas even generation credible plan for its the kind you pay a large sum for garden store in this manner. Home biogas Plant creates an equal size waist turns into gas and fertilizer. Fertilizers used to grow and gas cooking leftovers are more weeks. Prototyped Biogas plant has  installed more than a hundred and fifty units that have been running for over a year.

Here is The video of Home Biogas Plant

This Home Biolag Plant campaign is going on indiegogo

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