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Windmill science fair project 0

WindMill Project School Science Fair Project

Make Science Fair Project WindMill Introduction of Wind Mill As the world is now moving towards alternative and clean energy resources due to fast depreciation of fossil fuel, one of which is wind energy....


How To Make 3D Hologram Projector

How To Make 3D Hologram Projector 3D Hologram Projector is a physical object that uses principles of reflection, refraction and diffraction to form a 3D image in mid air. The 3D image that appears...


Do it yourself DIY Tesla Coil Slayer Exciter

Do it yourself “DIY” Tesla Coil Slayer Exciter Tesla Coil Slayer exciter is an easy step by step DIY project to understand the phenomenon of mutual induction and wireless electricity transfer. In this post...


Wireless electricity transfer project

Wireless electricity transfer In previous project we made (Do it you self . DIY Project. For making of simple wireless transmission of electricity. we used 2N2222 transistor and copper coil. The results of the project...

How to make glue from milk 0

Making of Glue using Milk

Making of Glue using Milk Glue from milk is a worth learning activity for the students to understand basic chemistry, chemical reactions and many interesting articles that can be easily found in Kitchen to...

Homemade Butter 0

Homemade Butter (Video)

Homemade Butter: This tasty experiment not only provides a tasty treat, but a valuable look at chemistry and changing states of matter as well. Video