Audio Light Transmitter

How to Transmit Audio With a LED light | Audio Light Transmitter

 Audio Light Transmitter

Audio Light Transmitter

Transferring audio signal using light is a part of Li-Fi technology. Unlike radio signals, it uses light waves (electromagnetic waves) to transmit data wirelessly. 

Martial required for Audio Light Transmitter

  1. Battery 9 volt
  2.  resistor 3.3 k
  3. 3.5 mm audio jack (2)
  4. LED
  5. Solar panel 5 volt 0.5 watt

Mobile phone or Laptop and amplifier speaker

Circuit diagram Audio Light Transmitter

Circuit diagram Audio Light Transmitter


Audio signals are send by using mobile in form of voltage, since it's been quite low so it can not be used directly to glow an LED.  We are therefore using a 9V battery to increase the voltage with resistor in series as a result LED will glow. Audio Light Transmitter

Light from the LED is focused on the solar panel which again converts light to voltage, Since light has been carrying audio signals along with it, we use an speaker in connection with solar cell to receive and hear the audio which we were sending through the mobile wirelessly. 

Video Tutorial

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