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Recently we lost our database where we have Hundreds of  articles, video tutorial, hand-on science activity other DIY project and science experiments. Here is list of our old content Now we have trying to recover and its will be  linked on it following list.

1. Water level Indicator using arduino
2. How to make your own Digital clock without using micro-controller
3. How to make DTMF Based Remote Control System
4. Build Automatic Night Light Control or Switch using Arduino
5. Experiment with LDR and Arduino
6. Controlling LED's Wirelessly Via Bluetooth
7. Arduino Lesson number 5 Servo Motor Controlling with Joystick
8. Arduino Lesson number 4 LEDs Controlling with Switches
9. Arduino Lesson number 3 in Urdu, Multiple Blinking LED on the Arduino
10. Basics of arduino, installation, configuration and Introduction to Arduino Board (UNOR3)
11. Build your own Telescope دوربین (Video Tutorial Urdu)
12. Arduino Tutorial in Urdu: Arduino Course for Beginners and advanced
13. How to make Electricity from Lemons, Tomatoes and Potato
14. Pak-E by SSUET Students
15. Chemistry Experiment: Electrolysis of Water
16. Fun with Iodine Solution by Match Heads
17. Chemistry Experiment: Production of Carbon Dioxide
18. Osmosis: Experiment with Potato
19. Food of the future مستقبل کی خوراک
20. Solar Thermal Water Heater and Moderator by Habab
21. Efficient Automatic Electroplating Plant with Dual Controlling System
22. قلم نگاری ...قصہ ایک صدی کا Crystallography
23. How to make Magic Water-Proof Sand (Magic Sand)
24. Homemade portable Biogas Digester photos
25. Green Wall "عمودی باغ"
26. Build a Water Rocket واٹر راکٹ (Video Tutorial Urdu)
27. World Cancer Day 4 Fab سرطان سے بچیں
28. Build Water Rocket for Competition
29. Best Inventions of 2013 بہترین ایجادات (Urdu)
30. Fire Rescue Air Cushion (Urdu)
31. Design, Construction and Installation of Biogas Plant
32. How to Make an Ant Farm
33. Urdu Article: Square Kilometre Array طاقت ور ترین دُوربین
34. Urdu Article: life on ice
35. Urdu Article: Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others!
36. DIY Project: Make your own Electric Generator
37. How Does the Thermometer Work?
38. Hot Air or Cold: Which Is Heavier?
39. Science Fair Project: Archimedes’ Screw
40. How to make an Arch model from Potato
41. Radio Control Airplane by MUET Young engineers
42. Homemade Emergency LED Light
43. Urdu Article: Indus River Dolphin
44. How can you make bottled music?
45. Article about Magnetic gravity or spooky hills in Urdu
46. Build a Mini Biogas Plant Video tutorial
47. Success story of Aslam with biogas plant
48. Review of necessary parts of Bio-gas plant
49. Failure of UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) and prevent from failure
50. Day 1 Activity at GOVT Girls School Camp 2013
51. Make electricity by lemons
52. space alien contact with peopleلوگوں کے ساتھ خلائی مخلوق رابطے
53. Make your own solar panels from diodes (urdu)
54. سونا کی فصل اگانا ممکن
55. Activity about Electromagnet
56. How can you balance several nails on one nail?
57. World Malaria Day: Basic info about Malaria in urdu
58. Domestic Fixed dome Biogas Plant Information Video (Punjabi)
59. Why and how earthquakes occur?(Urdu article)
60. solar panels in Pakistan types and cost
61. Measles (khasra خسرہ ) symptoms vaccine treatment in Urdu
62. Can We Solve The Energy Crisis With Solar Power
63. How can the energy of sound cause something to move?
64. Science Talent: javed Iqbal construct scale models
65. Protection from hacking Article in Urdu
66. How can mechanical energy produce electricity?
67. Homemade Biodiesel from Algae (Urdu)
68. Experiment with burning candle at both ends
69. Students Project: Mechanical Spring Consolidation Model
70. Homemade solar cell construction (Urdu)
71. Students Project: Production of bioethanol from agriculture waste
72. Students Project: Infrared remote control fan regulator
73. How does color affect heat absorbed from light?
74. Successful alternative sources for power generation (Urdu)
75. Telescope Construction step by step pictures
76. Tesla Coil testing by Indus University Students
77. Experimental Homemade Biogas Plant
78. Pakistan Science Club's Activity at GOVT primary school Nazeer Pura Sialkot
79. DIY Project: How to build a mini wind turbine
80. DIY water Feeder for wild bird from pet bottle
81. How to extract DNA From chicken liver

82. Science and Arts Exhibition by Al-Fatima School
83. Video: Basic Electronics, introduction by Arsalan
84. Biogas Plant (ARTI Biogas) Construction and Gobar gas Production
85. Make your own Water prism
86. Story about biogas plant in flood hazard area of Pakistan By Sonia Malik
87. Fossil in marble
88. البیرونی کے شہرہ آفاق کارنامے
89. Simplest homemade electric generator lights a LED
90. PSC Weekly activity at NR School Korangi, Karachi Photos
91. Homemade CD Spectroscope
92. Handmade Spectroscope Measure a Light Wavelength!
93. Build Simple Electrostatic Franklin's Motor
94. Make your own Equipment for static electricity
95. Life Members
96. Afaq Science and arts Exhibition Karachi Photo Gallery
97. Collaborators
98. How to build an alternator AC generator (Urdu Video)
99. طب کا نوبل انعام Nobel Prizes 2012
100. Pakistan Science Club's activity: Making of windmill
101. Make your own Electromagnet (Urdu)
102. VACVINA biogas Plant information and Construction Video
103. Online Education:How do you stop online students cheating? (Urdu)
104. How to Make Variable DC Power Supply

105. Energy saver water wheel pipe (Urdu Story)
106. Foreign renewable energy expert says: Pakistan can make more than 2000 megawatts energy from biological waste
107. Naegleria fowleri (Brain-eating amoeba) Urdu
108. Urdu Article: Islam and modern scientific facts
109. Biogas Plant Photos from PDBP
110. Make a Hand Steadiness Tester
111. How to Make a Hang-Glider
112. Universal Multiphone charger: charging your cell phones with novelty
113. Solar Electricity use on Domestic-scale (Urdu)
114. Biogas Digester Photos
115. Construction of Portable Biogas Digester
116. Building of Biogas Plant by Recycled Plastic Drum
117. simple wind mill

119. The flying machine (Urdu)
120. Column about Biogas Plant by Aslam Khan
121. Farash a useful plant
122. Water rocket building Process
123. Making of Water Rocket
124. Terms and Conditions
125. Privacy Policy - PakSc.Org
126. Birds too mourn when their loved ones die (Urdu)
127. Higgs Boson:A surprising discovery (Urdu)
128. Science Exploring Camp 2012: Certificate Distribution Ceremony
129. Water level indicator project
130. certificate distribution ceremony Clifton camp
131. Science Exploring Camp Can Car Race Day
132. Science Exploring Camp Can Car building and Race
133. The Nation post news About PSC's Science Exploring Camp
134. Pakistan Today post news About PSC's Science Exploring Camp
135. PSC's Science Exploring Camp news by Dailytimes Pakistan
136. Science Exploring Camp Biology Day
137. Wind turbine Construction in Science Exploring Camp Clifton Karachi
138. Science Exploring Camp Project Hovercraft
139. Building Bridge Competition in Clifton Camp
140. Science Exploring Camp's Fun Science Day Photos
141. Science Exploring Camp Day 1 Photos
142. Interview With Zeeshan Ahmed
143. Science Exploring Camp 2012 will be held at Pakistan Science Club
144. Clifton Coaching Center
145. Make your own 50 to 500 watt Power inverter UPS in Urdu
146. Camp Policies
147. parabolic solar cooker reconstruction photos
148. Engineers Exploring Camp 2012
149. Junior's Science Camp 2012
150. یوپی ایس پاور انورٹر UPS Power inverter Project in Urdu
151. Making an AM radio from simple components
152. Will seeds grow faster with more water or sunlight?
153. self balancing personal vehicle
154. segway by nust students
155. Car Sale Point our Sponsor
156. Can ice be used to preserve once-living things?
157. Can you produce a gas from decaying garbage?
158. Which materials make good insulators?
159. Habab Idrees
160. Team PSC In Hardware Project Competition Procom 2012
161. How to Make 500 Watt Power Inverter UPS "uninterruptible power supply" Homemade DIY PROJECT
162. Does the acidity of the precipitation change during the year?
163. Does adding salt to water lower its freezing point?
164. Does a fan really cool the air? Grade Levels 4-6
165. Clean Air Science Fair Research Project Grade Levels: 7-9
166. Waste Heat Science Fair Project
167. Slow Cooker Science Fair Project
168. 500 Watt 12 VDC to 220 VAC Power Inverter (UPS)Construction in Urdu
169. Solar Distiller Science Fair Project
170. Saving Hot Water Science Fair Project
171. Magnets and Heat Science Fair Project
172. Comparing Light Bulbs Science Fair Project
173. Sun or Shade Science Fair Project
174. Thermal Energy Put to Work science fair projects
175. Hot Ice science fair projects
176. Colors and Light science fair projects
177. Static Power science fair projects
178. Nust Launches Pakistan’s Fastest Supercomputer
179. GIKI recently held the 13th All Pakistan Science Fair 2012
180. Magnetic Levitation Science Project
181. DIY Homemade Motorized CCTV Camera
182. Homemade Motorized CCTV Camera Photo Gallery
183. Dengue season is coming back
184. بارش کا تجربہ (Urdu, English)
185. How to candle goes off with the shock wave (آواز کی لہروں کا ایک موم بتی پر آگ کس طرح مٹا کر سکتے ہیں)
186. Interview with Muhammad Zohaib khan
187. Innovative Project MIMIC MEDICAL ARM by SSUET Students
188. Science Experiments and Projects
189. Ultrasonic Navigation system By Muhammad Zohaib Khan

190. PSC Project wins The City School Science Olympiad
191. Team PSC in The City School PAF Chapter Science Olympiad
192. Biofuel from manure and water
193. PEAK Education and Science Fair
194. Portable Cell Phone Charger
195. Making of DIY Biogas Plant, Anaerobic Digester Experiment
196. Deoxidation of carbon dioxide

197. Split flame
198. How to find out Oxygen ratio in air by Candle combustion
199. How to find out Oxygen ratio in air
200. How to make Hydrogen bubble
201. How to find out Air’s mass
202. How to make Cotton candy
203. How to make Tumblewing (Urdu Video)
204. Small scale kitchen waste biogas plant
205. Wireless EC Under Water Explorer Photo Gallery
206. Wireless EC Under Water Explorer
207. Bio-Sand Water Filter Construction Photo Gallery
208. Bio-Sand Water Filter 2010
209. Mini Biogas Digester Project Photo Gallery
210. Our Sponsors
211. How to Make an Electromagnet (Urdu English)
212. How To Make Coin Battery Project (Urdu, Video)
213. How to Build Paper Helicopters
214. SOAP BOAT, Surface tension (Urdu & English)
215. Needle on the surface of water (Urdu & English)
216. Float an egg in water(Urdu & English)
217. water pressure (Urdu and English)
218. thick paper can't fly, air pressure experiment (Urdu)
219. air pressure gravitational force experiment (Urdu)
220. How heat blows up a Balloon (Urdu & English)
221. Heat rising from the radiator turns the paper spiral. (Urud)
222. Malala Yousafzai receives National Peace Award
223. How healthy is your food?
224. simplest chromatography
225. Mini-rocket launch
226. How to get an egg in a bottle
227. How the extract DNA
228. Egg osmosis
229. Homemade Tinker Toys
230. Surprising saucers
231. Homemade slime, aka ‘oobleck’
232. Homemade Ant Architecture
233. Homemade Perfume from plant's flower
234. Photos Gallery of Online E-E-Camp, Presentation
235. About Pakistani Scientist Faisal Kashif
236. Find the Hidden Colors of Autumn Leaves
237. World Space Week 2011 in Pakistan
238. Young Innovator of Pakistan
239. Collapsing pop can (Urdu & English )
240. Air Pressure Demonstration (Urdu)
241. Asad Mehmood An inventor in Okara
242. Advertise on Pakistan Science Club's Web Portal
243. Fruit bacteria to curb dengue
244. Pakistani Umar Saif Named One of The World’s Top Young Innovators
245. How do you extract oxygen from the air (Urdu)
246. Air Experiments
247. Build Your Own Simple DC Motor
248. Aeronautical Engineering Projects Presentation
249. Make your own DIY 50 watt 12 VDC to 220 VAC Power Inverter UPS
250. Cool Science Experiments Video Links
251. Winner of the Building Bridge Challenge
252. Building a Popsicle-Stick Bridge Photo Gallery
253. Online Lecture By Bilal Zafar From USA, about Computer Sciences
254. Engineers Exploring Camp's Bridge Building Photo gallery
255. Engineers Exploring Camp's Civil Engineering Presentation Photo gallery
256. Egg Dropping Competition
257. Competition of Making Follower Robot Line July 12, 2011
258. Electronics Week: Day 3 Wednesday July 06, 2011
259. Engineers Exploring Camp Photo Gallery, Electronics Week: Day 1 Monday July 4, 2011.
260. Summer Science Camp june and july 2011 registration closed
261. Engineers Exploring Camp 1st July 2011
262. Kid Scientists
263. Summer Science Camp 2011 Activity - Bridge Construction
264. Summer Science Camp June 18, 2011 Photos
265. Team “The Y-Nots!”
266. Engineers Exploring Camp
267. Summer Science Camp 2011
268. Recycle! Make Old Paper New
269. Find Magnetic North with a Homemade Compass
270. Clean Dirty Water with the Sun
271. What is Pakistan Science Club Summer Camp?
272. camp slide
273. Summer Science Camp 2011 In Karachi
274. World’s largest pre-college scientific competition: Pakistani students shine at international event
275. Coffee
276. Biology Experiment - How to Extract DNA From a Banana
277. Winning Trophy From GIKI All Pakistan Inter Collages science Fair Photo Gallery
278. Sources of Energy
279. What is Energy?
280. Launch a Balloon Rocket
281. The Magic of Gravity
282. Talk through a String Telephone
283. Decolorization of Iodine by Match Hands
284. Make Your Own Simple Battery Holder
285. Pak student developing foot mouse
286. Production of Hydrogen Gas
287. MUET organises ‘ECOTRONICS 2011’
288. Make Your own Capacitor
289. How To Make Pulse Counter
290. Paper chromatography Experiment
291. Make a Microscope
292. How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle
293. Build Your Own Simple Lung Model
294. Paper cup speaker Experiment
295. Simple Generator Experiment
296. Clip motor Experiment
297. Linear Motor Experiment
298. Fleming's Right Hand Rule
299. Electric current and magnetism
300. Do-It-Yourself Science for Kids
301. Vacuum pump adapting a balloon air pump
302. Vacuum pump adapting a bicycle air pump
303. Handmade vacuum pump
304. Pakistan's First Wind Farm | Report By Dunya News
305. Generating Electricity from Wing Waves
306. 100 Best Food science experiments and projects
307. 100 Best Food science experiments and projects
308. Scientists Develop Software to Digitise Urdu
309. Making the Best Use of Polymer Solar Cells
310. Web Hosting Sponsor
311. How To Make Simple Telescope
312. Parabolic Solar cooker
313. Project of the day Jan 19 Paper Chromatography
314. PSC Support Fund
315. Biogas In Pakistan
316. Project of the Day 15 jan 2010
318. Thanks
319. Contact
320. Bio Energy
321. Welcome to PSC's Summer Science Camps for 2012!
322. new website
323. Media Center
324. Sponsors
325. Mission & Vision
326. 4th Day of Science club Activities March 5, 2011
327. Sarfaraz Pilot Higher secondary School Science Club Members
328. First Day of PSC Activities in Sarfaraz Pilot Higher secondary School
329. Proposal for Setting up School’s Science Club
330. Physics Experiments Resource
331. Science Directories and Gateways
332. Info About Temperature
333. Info about a rainbow?
334. How I Built My Telescope
335. Interview with Asad Mehmood
336. DIY Wind turbine by Arsalan Shakil
337. Make a simple and easy TOUCH MOUSE PAD !
338. PSC parabolic Solar cooker Recording on E-Tech
339. Parabolic solar cooker construction for E-Tech Project Photo Gallery
340. Kids Scientist in Summer Science Camp
341. E Tech Express news | E Tech Technology Show Videos
342. E Tech Program
343. How to make Quilt from Recycled Plastic Bottles
344. How to make a Thermometer
345. How To measure the Speed of Sound in Air
346. Make a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Alternator Coil
347. Make your Own vertical Axis Wind Turbine Science Fair Project
348. Information about Bioas plant, Gobar Gas Plant in Urdu
349. How To Make The Rapier Paper Airplane
350. How to Make a Science Fair Project
351. First Pakistani Hovercraft made by PSC
352. Pakistani school student's robot
353. Recycle Plastic bottle solar water heater
354. PAK ENERGY RAMP By SSUET 2007-EE Students
357. list of projects for final year Engneering Students
358. Civil Engineering Final year Projects Topics List
359. PAK Energy Ramp
360. What Is Biogas or Gobar Gas?
361. Information About Biogas
362. M Ammar
363. Science & Technology Promotion
364. More About Research & Development
365. PSC grabs 1st prize in APGIKI science fair
366. News and Article about Pakistan Science Club on other Blogs and News Papers
367. Summer Science Camp 2010
368. Construction of Parabolic Solar Cooker
369. Construction Of Biosand Water Filter on E-Tech Express News
370. Report About Train Cell Phone Charger on E-Tech Express news
371. Report about Recycled Pet Bottle Solar water heater on E-Tech Express news
372. Report about Summer Science Camp 2010 on E-Tech Express News
373. Interview of Abdul Rauf on Voice of America (geo Tv)
374. What effect does acid rain have on plant life
375. Science Fair Project Ideas in Ecology
376. How to make Ammonia fountain
377. Lauan model
378. Flying seed, Alsomitra model
379. Let’s make the fog in the bottle.
380. Boomerang
381. How To Make A Cup Float In Mid Air
382. Make Your Own A Rumble Pipe Sound Effect Machine
383. Mixing Oil and Water Science experiment
384. Science Play, Download Fun Science Experiments PDF
385. How To Make Hot Air Balloon
386. Steam explosions - the science of popcorn
387. Dropping Eggs
388. Echolocation
389. Build your own helicopter
390. Pepper's Ghost
391. Colours from carrots - Staining
392. How does popping candy work?
393. Chlorophyll Paper Chromatography
394. Digital RPM meter
395. Turntable for Electrostatics | Physics Experiment Video
396. Straw Tester for Electric Charge | Physics Experiment Video
397. Fleming's left hand rule | Physics Experiment Video
398. How to use Al Leaf Electroscopes | Physics Video
399. Chemistry Experiment Video Electrolysis of Water
400. How to Make a Flying Wing!
401. DIY Solar Cell
402. Build Your Own A Paper Fortune Teller
403. How To Make A Submarine
404. How To Make A Film Can Cannon
405. Set Up a Smelling Station
406. Cloud chamber / cosmic ray detector
407. Clouds in a bottle,
408. Measuring the height of trees,
409. The garden, biology,
410. Underwater observation glass
411. Cricket lore
412. Casting animal tracks
413. Volcano,
414. The sugar cube
415. The hazards of non-dairy creamer
416. Ink and secret messages
417. Humidity indicator, Chemistry, Kitchen Science Experiments and Projects
418. Cloud chamber / cosmic ray detector,Atomic
419. Construction of a Tesla coil
420. Sparking buckets
421. Construction of a secondary induction coil
422. The super simple motor
423. How To MakeMotors, Electricity
424. Simple microphone
425. Construction of a Leyden jar
426. Foxhole and PoW built radios
427. Electromagnetic horn
428. Fun with electromagnets
429. Electricity from a lemon, Electricity
430. The crystal radio,Electricity
431. Simple telescopes,
432. Make Pinhole camera
433. Make a simple Periscope
434. Leeuwenhoek's microscope,Sound and light
435. Thomas Edison's Phonograph,Sound and light
436. DIY Homemade Solar oven
437. The Airship, Locomotion and flight
438. Make your own Harmonograph
439. Match stick rocket
440. Capt. Hornbuckle's fairly impressive gum wrapper trick
441. Simple steam engines
442. Dancing raisins, mothballs, and other variations,
443. Bubbles, gases and liquids
444. Sound rings
445. Cartesian diver, gases and liquids, Kitchen Science Experiments and Projects
446. Collapsing a can with air pressure
447. Fake glass, Homemade experiments
448. The crystal , Homemade Experiments
449. Transfer ink, Homemade experiments
450. Science Fair Project Advice, What Makes a Good Science Project?
451. Science Fair Project Question
452. Steps of the Scientific Method
453. Science Fair Project Guide
454. Biochemistry Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments
455. Yeasty Beasties
456. Microbial Contaminants | microbiology projects
457. Microbiology Projects List
458. Plants Help Keep a House Cool!
459. environmental science projects ideas
460. Geothermal Power Plant Model
461. What cause earth quakes
462. Make Your Own Quick Sand
463. Build A Simple Galilean Refracting Telescope
464. Make Your Own Stethoscope
465. Make a conductivity Tester
466. How To Make a Telescope at Home (Video Urdu)
467. Biology Experiments videos
468. Geotropism in radicles
469. Fruit Charcoal, Biology Experiment
470. Learn about Life Cycle in a Bowl!
471. Osmosis Biology Science Fair Project
472. Plant Seeds & Watch Them Grow, Biology Experiment
473. Biology Experiments PDF
474. Extraction of DNA From chicken liver
475. Extraction of DNA from Onion
476. Semi-permeable membrane and osmotic pressure " Biology Experiment 2
477. Semi-permeable membrane and osmotic pressur | Biology Experiment
478. Stimulus and responses Responding time of person | Biology Experiment 2
479. Stimulus and responses Responding time of person | Biology Experiment
480. Respiration of Cell Biology Experiment
481. Biology Projects
482. Physics Experiments Video
483. Build Your Own a Rheostat
484. Light By Friction
485. Electromagnet
486. Air Power for vehicle
487. Electromagnetism, Experiment 3 Clip motor | Physics Experiment
488. Electromagnetism, Experiment 2 Liner motor | Physics Experiments
489. Electromagnetism, Experiment 1
490. Sucking a balloon into a flask
491. Solar Hot Dog Cooker
492. Inertia of an Egg, Physics simple Experiment
493. How to make Handmade speaker
494. Homemade Simple Pinhole Camera
495. The crystal radio
496. Make a Battery from Potato
497. How Does A Hovercraft Work?
498. Make Your Own Weather Vane
499. All Physics Experiments Download
500. PET Water Bottle Rocket
501. Physics Projects PDF and Science Fair Experimets PDF
502. Heron’s Fountain science fair projects
503. Archimedes Displacement Experiment
504. Build an Astrolabe
505. Homemade Double Angled Twelve Sided cooker
506. Science Play, Download Fun Science Experiments | Pakistan Science Club
507. Photosynthesis Experiment Elementary Level
508. Purple cabbage pH indicator
509. Chemistry Experiments Videos
510. Conductivity Tester | Level Elementary, Secondary
511. Recrystallization, Chemistry Experiment
512. Flame reaction, Chemistry Experiment
513. How to make Fuel Cell
514. Electroplating Experiment for Fun
515. Deoxidation of carbon dioxide | Chemistry Experiment
516. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Chemistry Experiment
517. Build Your Own Activated carbon electric cell
518. How to make Fruit Cell
519. Build Your Own Voltaic cell
520. Make your Own Hydrogen Fuel Cell
521. Experiment With Hydrogen and oxygen, Chemistry Experiment

522. Preparation of Hydrogen, Chemistry Experiment
523. Oxygen and hydrogen
524. Transfer ink
525. Litmus test
526. Glue from milk
527. Stupid egg tricks
528. Simple method Preparation of Oxygen
529. Chemistry Experiments and Science Projects in PDF
530. Habab Idrees The Junior Scientist
531. Habab Idrees
532. The Junior Scientist
533. Be the first to comment!
534. All Useful Links
535. PAK Energy Ramp
536. psc forum
537. Newsflash 1
538. Hydro-Hydraulic Energy Invention By Sarfraz Ahmad Khan
539. Hydro Power technology is being developed by Sarfraz Ahmad Khan
540. bio-fuel Environment friendly بائیوایندھن ماحول کے لئے مفید
541. Vertical Axis wind turbine installed in islamabad
542. MechExpo 2011
543. Induced pluripotent stem cells: A new approach
544. Nasim Anwar wins BioAsia-2011 Award | Pakistan Science And Technology News
545. 2nd wind energy project starts in Pakistan
546. Career road map guide for engineers
547. تھری جی ٹیکنولوجی، ٹیلیکوم سروسز کی جانب قدم
548. PICking the Processor
549. PEC puts future of over 50,000 B.Techs’ future at stake
550. Brazil willing to help Pakistan develop bio-fuel
551. Peshawar Students Build Remote Control car
552. Environment Ministry’s devolution to damage agri
553. 18,000 students throng biodiversity expo
554. first hybrid vehicle of Pakistan
555. Problem and project based learning | Article |
556. MUET designs grassfire to help produce energy
557. Dr Reaz first Ph.D holder in computational chemistry
558. NAYS ebullition
559. پاکستانی طلبہ کی عالمی مقابلے میں جیت
560. Production of kinnow in Pakistan
561. RGST will impact heavily on agriculture sector Farmers accuse govt of adopting double standards
562. HEC, Microsoft launch ‘Strategic Education Alliance’
563. French academicians to train Pak science teachers
564. جامعہ کراچی کے سائنسدان کی کتاب کی امریکہ میں اشاعت
565. Debate of the times: Patriots’ Act 2011
566. KU scientist conferred COMSTECH Award
567. پسماندہ علاقوں کی سائنسی مقابلے میں سبقت
568. Chinese Experts to Study Thar Coal
569. Govt ‘bans’ Blackberry Phones Pfficial Use
570. ایران کا پاکستان میں ونڈ فارم تعمیر کرنے کا ارادہ
571. PCSIR working to use Thar coal for energy
572. NCRD gets first solar powered water pump
573. Scientists' amazing California discovery includes fishing tackle 12,000 years old
574. Robotic vehicles study oil spill | World Science & Technology News
575. Giant rats lead to ancient faces | World Science & Technology News
576. No leader, no plans, no problem
577. Older smokers lose grey matter
578. Extremely small scale technological advancements
579. psc news update
580. Pakistan Science Club's Member WON 12 GIKI All Pakistan Science Fair 2011 1ST PRIZE
581. Wireless EC Under-Water Explorer
582. 'PSC participating in GIKIs Science Exhibition 2011'
583. Pakistan Science Club Summer Science Camp 2010
584. Photo Gallery
585. We are Volunteers