How to Make a Water Rocket

Introduction to Water Rocket

To make water rocket is one of the practical demonstration of construction and working of  rockets.  Anyone can make their own water rocket by using simple household material like plastic bottles, electrical tape,  polythene bags etc. It is an interesting project and explains the working and aerodynamics of a rocket which uses pressurized air and water as fuel.

 Material Required to make water rocket

To make a water rocket, you will need following material,

Carbonated Bottles

To make a water rocket, 2 carbonated bottles will be required: one is for body of water rocket and other for skirt of water rocket. Fins will be attached to the skirt. The advantage of these bottles is that they do not burst under high air pressure. Bottles with less designing and curves are used to minimize weak points in bottles.

 Plastic File

Fins of water rocket are made with the help plastic file. One file is enough to make fins. They help rocket in flight by cutting the air around. Do not use cardboard, card sheets or paper fins as they will get wet, bend or tear apart by water.

 Polythene Bags

Shock absorber is made with the help of polythene bags which will save the rocket from being damage when it hits the ground. It is filled in the head of the rocket.

  • A Pair Of Scissor.
  • Electrical Tape.
  • Marker.
  • A Ruler.
water rocket material
water rocket material

Steps to make Water Rocket

Water rocket construction consist of 3 parts. The parts are Nose cone, skirt and fins. The making of each part, its significance and importance is described as under:

Making Of Nose Cone

Making Of Nose Cone

Nose cone is one of the important part in making of water rocket. It helps in flight of the rocket due to its aerodynamic shape by minimizing air drag or resistance which opposes the rocket’s motion. The polythene bags filled in the cone work as shock absorber when it returns to the ground


Making Of Nose Cone
Making Of Nose Cone

Making Of Skirt

The Skirt gives the proper shape to the rocket and we will attach the fins on it. Another carbonated bottle or plastic file is use for making it. Divide the circumference into 4 equal parts and attach fins to it with equal spacing.

 Measuring and cutting of skirt for water rocket
Measuring and cutting of skirt for water rocket

Measuring and cutting of skirt for water rocket

Wrap the skirt around the bottle and divide the circumference in four equal parts and mark on it

Measuring and cutting of skirt for water rocket

The fins are the most important part of water rocket that are used for controlling the direction and minimizing the air drag around the rocket while flying. It also provides stability to the rocket to keep flying without being tumbled or wobbled in the air.

Measurement of water rocket fine

Measurement of water rocket fine

Measurement of water rocket fine
From the opposite side, mark 1.5 inch and make a diagonal to the width

Separate the fins from the sheet and cut them out carefully along the marks with the help of scissor

Cut the 1 inch division along the length of the fin up to 1 cm mark and bend the cuts in alternative manner.

Attach the fins to the skirt on the marked line with the help of tape in such a way the diagonal must be point towards the nose cone

Water rocket is ready for flight now.

Water rocket is ready for flight now.

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