Biogas Plant (ARTI Biogas) Construction and Gobar gas Production

The compact biogas plant DIY Digester Project: Biogas Production Plant Construction


Biogas or Gobar Gas Plant is design by Appropriate rural of technology institute ARTI India, this biogas digester made by two 1000 and 750 liter Plastic water tank one is called Digester or fermenter tank other is called gas holder tank or movable dome.I am sharing on Pakistan Science club's web for educational and promotional purpose we hope its will helps Pakistani people and PSC's web portal international readers

The compact biogas plant many rural household used biogas as cooking food  the tradition of domestic biogas plant require a daily input of forty kilograms of dung mixed about forty liter of water it takes about forty days for the dung to start producing biogas in order to accommodate the daily input of forty kilo gram dung and retaining it  in to plant for forty days requires of plant having of very large capacity up about four cubic meters because of the large size such a plant requires a lot of space and it  cost also high because of the moving populations of cattle the availability of animal manure has declined causing many of the existing biogas plants stop operation.

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 Arti biogas plant

Appropriate rural of technology institute (arti) has developed new compact biogas system which is very easy to use. This biogas plant’s works on starchy sugary cellulose or fatty substances. One can use non vegetable oil seeds like pongamian, neem, caster, damaged or override fruits, grains, flour mill wastes, fruits of vaecas non animal risen of banana peel, or any other substance related feedstock, the feedstock must be closed grand and applying to the biogas plant. After mixing it with  the about five to ten liters of water about one to one in half kilo gram of starchy material would yield sufficient gas to cook the meal is about four to five persons

Tthe amount of gas generated everyday depends upon the capacity of the fermenter or bio gas digester and gas holder  fermenter capacity

  • Five hundred liters gas holder capacity four hundred available gas tow hundred and fifty liters duration of burning one hour
  • Digester capacity one thousand liters’ gas holder capacity seven hundred fifty liters available gas 700 liter and duration of burning two hours
  • Digester capacity two thousand five hundred letters
  • Gas holder capacity two thousand liters
  • Available gas one thousand seven hundred and fifty liters and duration of burning five hours

There are various ways which this biogas plants can be fabricated this arti biogas plant has been fabricated that the help of tow plastic tanks this one has a cement concrete tank has the fermenter or digester and the plastic tank has a gas holder.

This third model tank has tank made by sheet metals. Although the fermenter tank made of different materials the gas hold tank always made of plastic.


arti biogas plant

arti biogas plant Digester Diagram

How to make a Biogas plant digester by 1000 liter of water tank and gas holder tank 750 liter

Video of The compact biogas plant part one watch

 Material required

  1. 1st 1000 liter Black colored molded plastic tank
  2. 2nd 7500 liter Black colored molded plastic tank
  3. 90 millimeter T one piece PVC
  4. 90 millimeter female adapter 1 piece PVC
  5. 90 millimeter male adapter 2 piece PVC
  6. 90 millimeter cap 1 piece PVC
  7. 2 meter 90 millimeter diameter 1 piece PVC Pipe
  8. Elbow 63 millimeter 1 piece
  9. 60 millimeter male adapter 2 piece PVC
  10. 60 millimeter check nut 1 piece PVC
  11. 63 millimeter PVC pipe 90 centimeter long
  12. 12.5 PVC mail adapter 1 piece
  13. 12.5 Millimeter iron elbow
  14. Epoxy risen and hardener
  15. PVC cement Solution
  16. Biogas Stove
  17. PVC valve 50 millimeter dia
  18. And tools
  19. 90 millimeter barrel piece
  20. 63 millimeter barrel piece
  21. 50  millimeter barrel piece
  22. 12.5 millimeter barrel piece

Construction of ARTI Compact Biogas Plant

First Take the one thousand  liter tank cut in this manure  perforated near the base By pressing Preheated Nineteen mm barrel piece against than  perforated tank Also near the bottom but With  fifty millimeter bout of peace Prudhomme of this position Would be helpful b sixty three millimeter barrel peace

Make a third holes one this position with the help of 63 mm barrel piece

The tank as three holes 2 near the bottom and 1near the top

Now PVC glue to the nineteen millimeter main adopted And fix it into this ball from inside the trades no protrude out of the tank fixed.

biogas plant diagram

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Update:  05-12-2012

ARTI biogas Plant

PVC PIPE 90 mm
brass elbow
biogas stove
arti biogas plant material and tools
brass volve
1000 liter drum
750 liter water drum as gas holder
adapter 66 mm
pvc pipe cap

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