Pakistan Science Club

پاکستان سائنس کلب Pakistan Science Club is a not-for-profit science society. Our mission is to promote scientific research culture in society through interactive & innovative hands-on science activities projects, Experiments & Science fairs. We focus on Science Popularization programs (Summer Camp, Exhibition, Olympiad, Science Field Trip, Science club in School ,Search Science Talent, Research and Development.

Science Promotion
The purpose of this club is to promote Science and Technology by supporting learners’ enthusiasm. Promote scientific research at all levels in Pakistan Infuse a healthy competitive spirit through reward based Contests/Olympiads
Science talent Search
Search science talent all over the Pakistan, Identify & nurture future scientists, technologists & IT talent at school college university levels. Utilized their skills in innovations & provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
Research & Development
To solve our country problems by scientific means. Innovation in technology. Development of technologies through local resources

Science Popularization Programs

Pakistan Science Club inspires a lifelong interest in science, math and technology by engaging diverse communities through interactive and innovative exhibits and programs

Setting up School’s Science Club

School Science Club

A science club is an out-of-school-hour or in School-hours Pakistan Science Club offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. Read More

here are two options for constituting Science Club at School, these are

School Owned Science Club

PSC driven School Science Club

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Summer/Winter Camp


To explore science and nature around us is an adventure. Children are naturally very curious to inquire about different phenomenon taking place in surroundings. For such creative , science seekers and inventors, Pakistan science club is introducing Science , Engineering , Technology and Math ( STEM ) camp in summer and winter vacations .

Almost all of the students get free in summer vacations and search for some interactive activities, STEM camp is providing an excellent opportunity for the students to indulge themselves in the hands on learning process in an interesting and recreational way. It will be an amazing experience for them to see the science and logic behind the theories and scientific phenomenon which they have been taught in schools. Read More

Family Science Inspiring children to learn, explore, and create.

Family Science Program

Our Family Science program connects Pakistan Science club's Team with parents to support children as they practice science and develop critical thinking skills.
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The activities shall include Hands-on Science activities, motivational talks, public speaking, and discussion forum. A family fun Science learning experience, where the whole family shall be involved in a great learning experience with fun. Learn More

Water Rocket Challenge 2017

Science Talent Search

Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan

Promoting Science and Technology by organizing different science activities i.e. summer science camps, science fairs and competition at school, college or university levels that aims to Search Science Talent all over the Pakistan

Sceicne Stars

Habab Idrees
Habab Idrees
Habab Idrees student and studying in F.Sc pre-engineering. He is young scientist and inventor of PSC
Contact with Habab
Sana Mehmood
Sana Mehmood
Chemical Engineer working as student coordinator and researcher at PSC
Contact with Sana
Hamza Ibrahim
Hamza Ibrahim
9th grade student
Contact with Hamza
Hamza Khan
Hamza is an electronics engineer. He has been one of our earliest explored science talent.
Contact with Hamza Khan
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit
Talented, Hard worker, research project was Gray water treatment plant
Contact with Basit
Aiman Rasheed
Aiman Rasheed
Aiman Rashee students of class F.Sc computer science. Doing research on solar distiller
Contact with Aiman
Fatima Rasheed
Fatima Rasheed
Host Pakistan Science club
Contact with Fatima
Bareera Usman
Bareera Usman
Contact with Bareera

Research Centre

Innovation and development of new technologies

These science passionate students are nurture at our platform and Research Center where they can work on their ideas and research in solving problems of our country and common people by innovation and development of new technologies by scientific means using local resources

Our Research Projects

The prime purpose was to make a device that is low cost, works on free energy and can replace other solar devices that have been made
We have devised a dual rotor vertical Axis wind turbine, where two separate shafts are fixed side by side with blades.
Grey water Treatment
The water shortage at present world is one of the lethal challenges that probably will lead to wars. Only 3% of the total water present can be used for Industrial, agricultural and domestic purposes
Solar Distiller
The saline water or earthen water even the water being contaminated by flood carrying stagnant particles is treated via Reverse Osmosis plants (RO), Desalination plants, Ultra Violet (UV) treatment and Bio Sand Processes
Natural Electrolyte battery
PSC young Scientist Abdul Basit build innovative "Natural Electrolyte battery and Torch named "Jugnu" that generate sufficient amount of electricity with any electrolytic solution like see water coke, lemon juice, and leaves juice

Learning Resources

Pakistan Science clubs Online resources for teachers and students


Hands-on Science Activities, DIY Project, Experiments Resources for Teacher and Students best Science club activities and award wining science fair projects, guidelines



Videos about Science and technology, education, entertainment innovations, discoveries invention video documentaries, scholars, scientists and inventors interviews.



Pakistan's First Science andd Technology Blog about Science , technology news, updates from pakistan, world Natural sciences, physics, biology, chemistry


Online Community

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Hands-on Science Activities, DIY Project, Experiments Resources for Teacher and Students

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Join Pakistan Science Club's online community and connect with other young scientists
Membership Criteria
The main criteria for joining Pakistan Science Club is the passion that one has for science and technology We don’t require any person to be of any background or to hold any degree in any field They just need to have that passion, love and desire for science and technology If you have this in you, consider your self a part of Pakistan Science Club.
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پاکستان سائنس کلب کب، کیسے اور کیوں بنایا گیا اور کیا کرتا ہے جانیے اس مضمون میں جو کے روزنامہ جناح کراچی میں شایع ہوا

تحریر و تصنیف عبدالولی

Abdul Rauf President Pakistan Science Club

In Pakistan, the literacy of science and mathematics is deeply challenged. Most of the students don’t take interest considering it boring. All this results in downward crust and leaving the youth...

Our Team

Abdul rauf
Abdul rauf Founder/CEO
Founder of Pakistan Science Club. Teacher, Innovator, Scientist, Learner Love to create, explore new ways to view and imagine things and then make them real.
Muhammad ammar
Muhammad ammar Founding Board Member
Founding Board Member of Pakistan Science club · 2009 to present · Karachi, Pakistan
 Syed Hammad
Syed Hammad Editor PSC
Editor Pakistan science club, professional teacher, Writer, Thinker, teachers trainer, blogger and student counselor.
Sana Mehmood
Sana Mehmood Manager
Chemical Engineer working as student coordinator and researcher at Pakistan Science Club. Her research projects involve Extraction of Algal crude from micro-algae, Grey water treatment, Benzene tower and Bio-gas plant.
 Muhammad Hassan siddique
Muhammad Hassan siddique Project Designer
Hafiz Muhammad Hassan siddique is student coordinator of Pakistan science club and studying mechatronics engineering from SZABIST. He build many projects like automatic gas burner, Robotic hand, beno tower etc
Habab Idrees
Habab Idrees Young Scientist
Habab Idrees student and studying in F.Sc pre-engineering. He is young scientist and inventor of Pakistan science club.

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