Online Camp Batch 3 Project's Videos


  1. Periscope
    • Periscope is a fun-filled activity to explore light, its nature and basic laws, it also helps to understand about reflection, its characteristics and daily life use.
  2. Walking Robot
    • An exciting hands-on activity to understand basic robotics and mechanics involved in it. The project will help participants to learn about mechanical movements in a machine and its significance.
  3. Hydraulic Robotic Arm
    • The hydraulic arm is a popular project to learn about simple machines and mechanisms, the activity also explains hydraulic pressure, Pascal’s principle, its importance and various applications.
  1. Wireless Electricity
    • While learning about the amazing ideas and concepts of Nicola Tesla, the wireless electricity is must-do the project, exciting activity to understand the wireless transmission of electricity and future possibilities to make it useful.
  2. Hand Water Pump
    • It is an outstanding activity to learn about one of the old machines that have been used by the human for centuries, it also explains the concept of piston and suction along others.
  3. Hand Powered Generator
    • The generation of electricity from various resources has always been the topic of interest, this exciting project will help participants to learn about the electricity generation by turbines, its parts and process.
  4. Solar Powered Fan
    1. A worth learning fun-filled activity to explore renewable and solar energy, the participants will understand how they can use sunlight to operate a fan and benefit themselves during electricity shutdown.
  5. Solar Powered Car
    • Non-carbon fuel vehicles are the future of transport and this hands-on project explains about its basic phenomenon, principles and working which helps participants to understand its effectiveness and importance

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