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DIY Projects

Featured Project

  • Extraction of DNA from Onion
    Extraction of DNA from Onion Extraction of DNA Experiment 1: Extraction of DNA from onion Materials: Onion1/2, Ice cold 60% ethanol, Acetorein ( Acetocarmine), Blender, Beaker, Glass bar, Tea strainer,…
  • Experiment with burning candle at both ends
    Experiment with burning candle at both ends Materials neededCandle Match Toothpicks Water glasses ProcedureProcedure Prepare a candle so the wick may be lighted at both ends. Insert round toothpicks into the candle…

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Homemade portable Biogas Digester photos - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
This biogas plant made by Yasmin. She made from iron drum and plastic drum and successfully works well. Here is photo graph of her digester Biogas plant in action, biogas burning in stove…
Green Wall "عمودی باغ" - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
 Article about Green Wall "عمودی باغ" in Urdu, Green Wall partially or completely covered with vegetation that includes a growing…
Build a Water Rocket واٹر راکٹ (Video Tutorial Urdu) - 3.2 out of 5 based on 16 votes
Water rocket can be made by carbonated bottle, it can hold more than 7bar pressure. int this post we will show you how we can make a water rocket challenge…

Electronics Projects

  • Homemade Emergency LED Light +

    DIY Electronics: Homemade Emergency LED LightThis project (Emergency LED Light) made by very simple techniques and low cost component. Components List:1 0.33 ohm and 3 watt resistor1 390 ohm and Read More
  • Video: Basic Electronics, introduction by Arsalan +

    Video Tutorial about basic electronics This is the promo of my( Arsalanstien) upcoming video tutorials in which i will try to include all the information of basics and advance electronic Read More
  • How to Make Variable DC Power Supply +

    Fully Regulated Variable DC Power Supply Project by: Engineer Hafiz Yasir Qureshi NUST Pakistan Introduction The project “Variable DC Power Supply” plays a very important role in the laboratory functions Read More
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  • Science for Youth (S4Y) week

    The National Academy of Young Scientists in Pakistan (NAYS) is going to celebrate this first Science for Youth week in Pakistan from 14th to 20th April. The themes reflect the importance of active participation of students and researchers. The Science[…]

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  • Hovercraft made by PSC Members in 2006 Hovercraft made by PSC Members in 2006 at Srfaraz pilot[…]

Photo Lab

  • CNC Machine from Scanner & Printer parts Homemade CNC Machine project Video.[…]

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