How to Make Paper Helicopter

How to Make Paper Helicopter:  Simple Paper Helicopter is a quick and easy to make activity for the students to learn about the basic aerodynamic and air movement across the propeller of a helicopter.

Materials for  Paper Helicopter

The material required for making included:

    • One piece of 8.5 x 11 inches piece of paper
    • A pair of Scissors
    • A ruler


  • Cut out a strip of paper about 90 X 15 mm.
  • With the help of scissors make a cut down half way down the middle of the strip.
  • Now make two small cuts at one-third of the way across the strip about 10 mm below the end of the long cut.
  • Fold the flaps of paper below the two small cuts over the middle section.
How to Build Paper Helicopters
Diagram of Paper Helicopter: paper helicopter template
  • Fold or twist a small point to the bottom of the helicopter.
  • Stick a paper clip into this bottom section (this adds weight to the helicopter’s body so that it will fly better).
  • Fold the wings down at an angle to the body of the helicopter. Straighten the wings back out so that they angle upwards by 20 or 30 degrees.

The Challenge!

Experiment with the different sizes of the helicopters. Change their wing sizes and body length. Come up with the "best" design - these can be tested by dropping them two at a time from a height such as the top of a flight of stairs or a step ladder. The longer it stays in the air, the better it will be.

how does a paper helicopter work?

Tilting the blades will enable the propeller to produce lift by creating faster moving air on the top, which has less pressure than on the bottom.

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