Osmosis: Experiment with Potato

Osmosis: Experiment with Potato

Osmosis is the process by which solutions of different concentrations move across semi-permeable membranes from the region of lower concentration into that of higher concentration. Osmotic pressure is the force with which molecules move from the area of its higher concentration into that of its lower concentration.

Materials & tools

Unboiled Potato, Boiled Potato, Petri Dish, knife, peeler, Table Salt, Water

  1. Cut one boiled and one un boiled potato in two equal halves.
  2. Remove strip from the base of each one half.
  3. Make a small hollow on the broader side of potato half using a peeler.
  4. Pour equal amount of water in the two Petri dishes.
  5. Dip the base of each potato half in the two Petri dishes.
  6. Put half a teaspoon of table salt in the hollow of each potato half in the Petri dish.
  7. Leave the two samples for two hours.
  8. After two hours, observe two samples carefully.

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