How To Make Coin Battery Project (Urdu, Video)

How To Make Coin Battery Project (Urdu, Video)

A coin battery is similar to fruit battery experiments, except that the fruit's part is replaced by a small amount of salt water. It's an easy science project to do, especially if a project like the lemon battery has already been performed.



  • A small glass or bowl
  • Salt
  • vinegar
  • Spoon or stir stick
  • Thick paper towel, blotter paper or even cloth
  • Scissors
  • About 10 each,  aluminum coin and copper-zinc alloy coin
  • A voltmeter that can read at least tenths of a volt
  • Small battery, AA or AAA is fine
  • Optional LED

 How To Make Coin Battery


How To Make Coin Battery Project (Urdu, Video)


Diagram of Coin Battery

Diagram of Coin Battery

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    very very Nice i empressed with you PSC. Good Work.
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    which coins do you have used in this battery please…………………. tell…..
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    you have impart useful electrochemistry but kindly show how it works or tell me chemistry behind it and how can we enhance current in it

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