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Build Your Own Battery Cell from Activated Carbon

DIY Project: How to make Activated carbon electric cell


Let's make the electric cell by using the aluminum foil and the activated carbon.


aluminum foil, activated carbon, paper, salt water, conducting wire, clip, LED, and motor



  1. Several aluminum foils are cut in 10cm square.
  2. Paper damp by salt water is put on the aluminum foil.
  3. The activated carbon is put on next.
  4. And then the aluminum foil again.
  5. This is piled up to three sets.

The aluminum foil on the charcoal side is anode and other aluminum foil is cathode.Because activated carbon is separately and contact is bad, it needs pushing from the top by the hand to make electricity.


Aluminum dissolves to the salt water and releases the electron.The electron flows in the circuit and comes to charcoal.The electron is absorbed by oxygen that was adsorbed by charcoal from the air.The oxidation and reduction is occurred.The electric current keeps flowing until the  oxygen contained in charcoal is lost or aluminum is dissolved.

Watch video:

source: ChipDipvideo

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