Basic of Resistor for Beginners | Basic electronics Video Course Urdu

Topic 1.0 : Basics of Resistor For Beginners Video Tutorial in Urdu

 Pakistan Science Club is starting basic electronics course in video tutorials. It will be the Simple Guide to learn Electronics For Beginners in Urdu/Hindi

Objectives of Basic Electronics For Beginners Course

The main objective of the video series is to make the simplest and easy tutorial in simple Urdu language. These videos will consist of three parts

  1.  Basics concept of components how it can be made at home?
  2. Simple application of the component (in this video we are discussing about resistor )
  3. Practical applications in circuits.

Topic 1.0 : Resistor

This video tutorial consist of two hands-on projects

  1. Making of resistor using pencil graphite

  2. How to glow 3.5 v led with 9 volt battery

Making of resistor with pencil graphite


  1. Pencil
  2. wire with crocodile clips
  3. 9 volt battery
  4. 2.5 volt tungsten filament bulb


Simple construction steps of the project can be seen in video,

How to make resistor using pencil graphite do it yourself project circuit as shown in the below diagram. It consists of a pencil fixed on a cardboard, a free wire end to slide along the pencil’s graphite, 2.5 volt tungsten filament bulb, a 9 volt battery and copper wires with connectors – all are connected as shown in the circuit below.

graphite pencil resistor project
graphite pencil resistor project Diagram source


pencil resistor project
pencil resistor project Photo credit Pakistan science club

How to glow 3.5 v led with 9 volt battery

IMPORTANT NOTE – LED will be damage/destroy if you connect an LED directly to a 9V battery without a resistor in the circuit.  

The activity is one of the simplest project for beginners. We will be using breadboard to create a temporary circuit without soldering.

Material Required

  1. 9V Battery
  2. Battery Connector
  3. 330 Ohm Resistor
  4. LED
  5. Breadboard- Small Size

Circuit diagram of the projects

Circuit diagram of the projects
Circuit diagram of the project


resistor project 2
resistor project 2


This is the first topic of basic electronics for beginners Video Tutorial in Urdu. The covered topics are How to make resistor with pencil graphite and How to glow 3.5 v led with 9 volt battery,  How does a resistor work? How does resistor made? Uses of resistor.

2nd update September 04 2018

Topic 1.1 : Types of Resistors


A device which resist the flow of electric current is called Resistor.


Resistance is the opposition that a substance offer to the flow of electric current is called Resistance.

type of resistor diagram tree
type of resistor diagram tree

Type of Resistor

1.  Linear Resistor

  •  Fixed Resistor
    • Carbon film resistor
    • Metal film resistor
    • Metal oxide film resistor
    • Wire wound resistor
  •  Variable
    • ·         Potentiometer
    • ·         Rheostat
    • ·         Trimmer
  •  Non Linear
    • Thermistor
    • Photo resistor
    • Varistor

2. Linear Resistor

Those resistor in which voltage, temperature and resistance graph is linear is known as linear resistor.

type of linear resistor
type of linear resistor
  1. Fixed Resistor:

Those resistor in which resistance in fixed are called in fixed resistor.

(a) Carbon film resistor:A typical fixed resistor in made from the mixture of carbon or graphite powder is called carbon film resistor.

(b) Metal film resistor: Metal film resistor are axial resistor with a thin metal film as resistive element.

(c) Metal oxide film resistor: Metal oxide film resistors are axial resistor with a metal oxide film as resistive element.

(d) Wire wound resistor: A wire wound resistor is an electrical passive component that limits current.

type of fixed resistor
type of fixed resistor

2 . Variable resistor

Those resistor which resistance can be change by different method is called Variable resistor.

(a)   Potentiometer

Potentiometer is a three terminal device which is used for controlling the voltage in the circuit.

(b)   Rheostats

 Rheostats are a two or three terminal device which is used for the current limiting purpose by hand or manual operation.

(c)    Trimmer

It is also like Potentiometer but there is an additional screw for better efficiency and operation and they is known as trimmer.

type of variable resistor
type of variable resistor

Non Linear resistor

Those resistor in which voltage, temperature and resistance graph is nonlinear is known as nonlinear resistor.

type of non linear resistor
type of non linear resistor


Thermistor is the type of resistor in which resistance is vary with the rise or fall of temperature.


Varistor is a type of resistor its resistance depend on the applied voltage.

Photo Resistor

A photo resistor (LDR) is a light controlled variable resistor, Its resistance decreases with increasing incident like intensity.

Video: Type of Resistors in Urdu with simple project experiment

Project with trimmer and photo resistor:



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