Make Rain Gauge

How to Make Rain Simple Gauge

Rain gauge is an important part of the weather station and used to measure the amount of rainfall received at a particular place. Simple DIY Project rain gauge is an interesting hands-on activity for the children to understand the phenomenon and working of rain gauge. In the rainy season one can made their own rain gauge to measure the rainfall by using common household material by just staying at home.

Material required for making Rain gauge

DIY Rain Gauge

  • 1 liter Carbonated bottle (there must not be designing or curves on the bottle).
  • Transparent Sticking tape.
  • Measuring Scale.
  • Cutter knife or a pair of scissors.
  • Dark corn syrup or plasticine (toy clay).

Steps of Construction

  1. Cut the plastic bottle 1/3rd way or 1/2 from the top with the help of cutter knife or scissors.DIY Rain Gauge
  2. Fill the corn syrup/plasticine in the lower part of the bottle till all the groves of the bottle filled up.DIY rain gauge
  3. Note that the starting point (zero) of the scale must coincide with the level of corn syrup/plasticine.DIY rain gauge
  4. Stick the scale with the transparent tape firmly so that you can note the readings.DIY rain gauge
  5. Fix the upper part in the inverted position to the lower part with the help of tape.DIY rain gauge
  6. The rain gauge is now ready.

DIY rain gauge DIY rain gauge


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