How to make worm robot

In this project, we will learn how to make a worm robot using basic techniques. This project is great for a maker space or mechanical engineering challenge at school, library or home.

Once you learn the basics, you can experiment with different body styles and designs to make your robot faster.  You can also set up a competition between friends to see who can build the fastest worm robot. Make STEM education fun!

Materials Needed

The good thing about this project is that you can get most of your “robot” parts from the trash.  You can use recycle bottles, ice cream sticks and many trash items to create the body of your worm robot.  Get creative!

For this project, you will also need the following materials:

  • Bottle caps
  • DC gear motor
  • Battery
  • Switch
  • cardboard
  • Battery connecter
  • Tongue depressors/ice cream sticks
  • Kabab sticks
  • Round sticks
  • Screw with bolt
  • wheel
Required tools:
Glue gun
Knife cutter
Pen cutter

Step 1: Robot Body

First you have to cut down the cardboard according to the given dimension as given below

Bend the cardboard to make this shape
Step 2: Cut the Rectangle
Make a rectangle of  of 2.5 inch length, 0.5 inch of width
Cut the measured rectangle with the help pen cutter
Step 3: Drilling
Make the two wholes in a wheel both 1cm away from each other just like as shown in the given figure
Step 4: Shaft making
Take an ice cream stick and make two holes in it at 3-inch distance from each other as shown in figure given below and remove the extra part from it 
Attach the motor, wheel and forward part of shaft with each other and pass the shaft from the rectangle hole
Now attach the backward part of shaft with the body of robot with the help of kabab stick
Step 5: Mount the Wheel:
Now it’s time to mount the wheels on the axle of the propeller car.  If the cap is a little loose, you will need to add hot glue to the middle. Make sure the wheels are kept as straight as possible while the glue is hardening
Step 6: Forward Movement Mechanism
Attach the plastic strip on the body of the robot due to this plastic the robot only move in forward direction
Step 7: Attach battery and switch
Now attach the battery and switch on the robot as show in figure below
Step 8: Wiring
Attach the switch, battery and motor in series connection
Step 9: Testing
Now your worm robot is ready test you can test it on the smooth surface
ready for test

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