DIY Project: How to make wind turbine

Make your own DIY Small HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbines) science fair project from PVC pipe and bicycle Generator

Wind Turbine project introduction:

A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind energy, or also wind energy convert in to mechanical energy and mechanical energy converted in to electric energy by electric generator.

In this wind turbine PSC Host Habab Idress building a wind turbine from PVC pipe and old bicycle dynamo (Generator) this generator max power is 5 watts and PVC pipe wind blade efficiency approximately 10 to 15 %. If bicycle dynamo (Generator) is not available in your area you can make electric generator, this wind turbine can design by students and teacher for their science fair project. we are trying to make it simple cheap and efficient.

Terms and Concepts

You should be familiar with the terms below, as well as the names of the parts of the wind turbine.

  • Wind power
  • Wind turbine
  • Blades
  • Work
  • Aerodynamics
  • Energy
  • Generator


  • How does a wind turbine make energy from wind?
  • Why does a wind turbine need to have a good aerodynamic design?
  • Why is a demonstration of work (hauling a weight) the same thing as generating electricity?


  1. Old or new 5 watt bicycle dynamo (Generator)
  2. PVC pipe 4 inch dia and 14 inch in length
  3. some nut bolts
  4. super glue
  5. Iron strip
  6. paper
  7. cutter
  8. marker
  9. iron saw

Diagrams and Photos

wind turbine blades paper template

wind turbine blades paper template


wind turbine blade paper template

wind turbine blades paper template

wind turbine blades paper template

wind turbine blade side view

wind turbine blade side view

wind turbine blade side view

wind turbine construction tools and material

wind turbine construction tools and material

wind turbine's electric generator

wind turbine’s electric generator

wind turbine's PVC Pipe

wind turbine’s PVC Pipe

Construction: How to build a mini wind turbine

make a paper template according to diagram and take 14 inch and 4 inch diameter PVC pipe then attach the paper template on PVC pipe and trace out line at pipe. after marking lines on pipe cut the pipe with iron saw carefully. you have to cut 2 pieces of blades from PVC pipe after cutting the blade attach both blades to each other with the help of iron strip and drill in the center of iron strip by drill machine then fix with generator.

Complete instruction of Wind Turbine construction watch this video

science Fair Project Mini wind turbine by paksc

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Buy Wind Turbine

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  • Material: PVC Plastic
  • Blade: 2 blade 2ft diameter
  • Output: Max 5 watt 6 volt
  • 10 LED’s

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wind blades testing

wind blades testing

Watch: Fun Time with Wind Powered Skateboard

Fun Time with Wind Powered Skateboard, Recently we design Wind blades out of PVC pipe and test with drill machine, you can see how habab ride on his skateboard with this power of wind.

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  1. Abdul Hadi says:

    Use a gear suspension to increase the RPM of dynamos. it will increase the output by 2-3 folds of current result.
    BTW you guys are doing brilliant work. keep it up.

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