Overview of Industrial Biogas Plant Construction

Overview of Industrial Biogas Plant Construction: A Very common question asked by the people who want to build and install biogas plant is “how much does it cost to make biogas plant?"

It is quite natural to raise this question but due to lack of knowledge exact estimation about gobar gas plant cannot be released. In fact good and standard estimate of any such project can be only made when the expert analyze the site personally. Experts should have reviewed the consumer needs and current facilities very well.

An organized profile and list of required equipment should be prepared. In this regard take a detail look at the price exemption of construction material and Labor expenses in local market and for other material in central market. But the problem is that the consumer are not in the mood of giving time for all this. They asked for estimate cost and then compare the current cost with some alien non serious Estimation and reject it on the spot.

in this way they postpone the installation and construction of biogas plant once again just on the hope that may be as the time goes on the estimated installation cost of bio-gas plant will be reduced which is not going to happen.

Some people thought that biogas plant is kin of a box and its price should be same in all areas and markets which is not possible. Actually biogas digester or plant is just like a building the construction cost of every building is different from other, the installation cost of Industrial  plant in two different areas cannot be same.

The purpose of this article is to create awareness about installation of biogas plant and the importance of needs and size of required Parts for different levels so that the people could decide that how much they need biogas plant instead of being worried about the estimated expenses.

Important steps

They must consider that what are the important accessories for

which level of biogas plant? How much it can cost?

What are the essential components that can be constructed quickly and which parts can be constructed after sometime?

So that their needs can be completed and minimize the initial expenses of consumer. And furthermore take the services of some good and experienced team instead of instead of trusting on a common building construction contractor. Because there must be someone to take the responsibility of failure, partial error and also have the capability to solve the regarding issues.

There are three levels of biogas digester plant. For domestic projects for agriculture and small commercial projects

For Industrial and large commercial projects construction of each level of plant is accomplished by keeping user's needs and requirements and that is why every biogas plant could be different from other. It is not necessary that the design and constructive method of biogas digester for smaller level would be same for large level.

Every Industrial  or commercial biogas plant has these important parts

  1. Platform to collect dung
  2. a tank to prepare the mixture of dung and water
  3. Tube well system or pump for fresh water
  4. Small pond or well for the pretreatment of dung and other useful material
  5. Air tight chamber or well for fermentation gas
  6. Holder to collect and save biogas external and additional gas holders to store biogas.
  7. Biogas filtration system to run internal  combustion engine control room and generator
  8. Room for biogas plant Gas supply lines and other accessories
  9. Solid floor to dry and a pond to use extract slurry as fertilizer
  10. Packaging machine to pack and sale slurry as fertilizer.

The parts of the above mentioned sections can be constructed according to consumers need. A short description of these section is given below to help make the final decision. To be Continue..

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