Online Math Camp 2020 Videos

During the current situation of self-isolation and global pandemic, Pakistan Science Club is determined to provide quality time to young ones and teens. Online Family Mathematics Camp in collaboration with NMIEL (Nida & Madni Institute of Experiential Learning)is engaging & learning with fun. Hands-on experience is captivating not only for students of different age groups but parents and teachers can equally benefit from it.

Parents will not only enjoy different activities but also learn how to teach their kids in a meaningful way. Various household items and low cost/no cost material used for hands-on activities which tell us that learning is not dependent on expensive props and material.

Math in my body, Online Math Camp Day 1


Online Math Camp Day 2 Let's Explore Shapes

Online Math Camp Day 3 Journey from 2D to 3D

Online Math Camp Day 4 pyramid in my backyard

Math puppet show | Online Math Camp Day 5

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