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GoGreen PSC Project of Pakistan Science Club

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Aim of Go green PSC

The main objective of GoGreen PSC is initiative to create research culture on plants among youth.


  1. Promote research culture Specifically in Horticulture: i.e. Agriculture, Gardening, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Roof top gardening, Vertical gardening etc.
  2. To build a working group of School, College, university students and those who are willing to serve in gardening and its researches.
  3. To engage younger generation and create interest in Horticulture, also adaptation of Latest trends and technologies.
  4. To take hands on experience and Develop skills in students like propagation, germination, seed sowing, different gardening techniques and so on.
  5. Study and understand Different behaviors of basic factors affecting on plants, like Temperature, Humidity, Light, Water, Soil, Potting mix (Perlite, Coco peat, Peat moss), Compost.
  6. To organize workshops, Training sessions, Seminars and Learning activities for Horticulture.
  7. Capacity building of Team, Networking and partnership


 Video: Building of DIY GREEN HOUSE with PVC pipes and Plastic Sheet. Update date: 17 Sep 2018


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