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How to make Fruit charcoal

How to make Fruit charcoal


The raw material for making charcoal is not only tree. Because the fruit and the vegetable are organic compounds same as the tree, it is possible to making charcoal by using  them. The way of making charcoal of tree and fruit is the same.   The whole fruit is put in an empty can and the aluminum foil lid is done. Let’s start roasting it. The steam and the gasgoout from the fruit. After all gas is gone, the carbonsolid is remained. It is charcoal. Confirm the carbon is contained in the fruit and the vegetable, too.


fruit or vegetable (The one with thick peel is done easily), the steel can, aluminum foil, the wire, the bamboo skewer, the gas range or the hot plate.


  • The fruit or the vegetable is put in the steel can.   It is covered with aluminum foil and the lid is done.
  • The circumference of the can is rolled with the wire.   One hole is made for the center of aluminum foil.
  • Can is heated with the gas range or the hot plate. Strength of the fire is the middle.
  • Heat it from 30 minutes to one hour, and the gas from the can decreases. Shut off the heat. Cool it down for 10 minutes.
  • Aluminum foil is removed and the charcoaled fruit and the vegetable are taken out.



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