insect pooter made by Amal

Make an Insect Pooter

In this Project, students investigate insects in their own neighbourhood.

Students can make an insect-friendly device, known as an insect pooter, to help them temporarily house insects so that they can get a closer look at them. Observing the morphology and movements of bugs is an interesting activity that helps kids to explore about nature and its wonderful creations. This device is a tool that will enable students to learn from their own experience and exploration. They will learn about shapes of common bug, their body parts and their functions.


  1. Small container
  2. pipe
  3. cotton
  4. twiser


  1. Scissors
  2. Hotglue gun

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Steps of construction

  • Take the lid of jar and make two holes in it at the center, one inch apart using sharp pointed scissors (under adult supervision), the holes should be large enough to pass the pipe through it (neither tight nor loose).
  • Insert smaller pipe in one hole and longer pipe in another.
  • The small pipe should be half inch inside the lid while the longer one should be 2 inch inside the lid.
  • Fix both pipes using hot glue.
  • Cut a thin and 1-inch square of cotton and stick it at the inner end of the longer pipe as shown below with hot glue.

See Also

  • Loosely fit the cotton at the end of pipe in a way that it should not block air suction when you suck air with its other end.
  • Close the lid of the jar and your insect pooter is now ready.
  • Take your smaller pipe near to the insect and suck the air inside using longer pipe, the insect will get into the jar and cotton stopper will prevent it from getting into your mouth.
  • You can now examine the bug/insect under your microscope.
insect pooter

insect pooter

insect pooter made by Amal

insect pooter made by Amal

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