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DIY Project: Make your own AC Generator

DIY Project: Make your own simple AC Generator


Alternator or AC (Alternating current) Electric Generator is a device which converts Kinetic energy into electrical energy.

جنریٹر ایک ایسا آلہ ہے جو میکانی توانائی/حرکی توانائی کو برقی توانائی میں بدلتا ہے


For construction of Electric Generator you need following things and tools.

  1. Supper Glue (Elfi) 20 ml
  2. Paper Tape
  3. Iron Strips 2
  4. 1/5'" PVC Pipe
  5. 6" long Iron Nail
  6. LED's
  7. Copper Wire 30 to 34 gauge
  8. 4 Magnets
  9. 6'' wooden Piece


  1. Iron saw
  2. Soldiering Iron
  3. Drill Machine
  4. Screwdriver
  5. pliers
  6. Roller



1 The Stator

These are diagrams of generator 1st diagram of stator which made from 3 inch in length 10 iron strips joint together and covered with copper wire.

Copper coil winding

Copper coil winding

2 Generator Rotor:

Rotor made from 4 magnets PVC pipe, and iron nail, Construction method showing in Video.

AC (Alternating current) Generator Rotor side view

AC (Alternating current) Generator Rotor side view

AC (Alternating current) Generator Rotor front view

AC (Alternating current) Generator Rotor front view

AC (Alternating current) Generator

AC (Alternating current) Electric Generator

AC electric Generator

AC electric Generator in action

Habab Idrees Pakistan Science Club's Host


First of all we need to make a coil and to make a coil we require an iron strip and copper wire. Measure 2 1/2inch of iron strip then cut it off in almost 10 equal parts, now assemble these parts transversely to avoid space between strips. Afterward cover these strips by paper tape so that each strip will stick to each other.

Now wrap approximately 300 turns of copper wire vertically around the strip and use paper tape to secure it. We need two coils to make an AC generator. As we have made two coils now it's time to make it's rotor and to make a rotor we need a PVC pipe and cut 2 1/2 inches off the PVC pipes with the help of super glue secure the PVC pipe with 4 pieces of magnets but make sure the same pole of magnets will be in alternative manner. It will be in a manner of North-South-North-South.

Now we need to check the assembly of magnets, as we know that like pole repels and unlike pole attract, try attraction and repulsion with another magnet and find out North and South poles. To make an axle we use 6" long iron nail and cover the 1/2 inches of nail by paper tape on both ends. Make sure it will easily inserted into the center of PVC pipe, insert the axle into the PVC pipe. Now in order to make it's main hoist structure we use 6" wood piece and two PVC pipes, one is 2" and the other is 1", first we have to make a gap on 1" pipe so that an axle can easily fixed in it, now make a vertical gap on the other side of the 1" pipe. Following this take a 2" PVC pipe and mark it in accordance to the gap on 1" PVC pipe. Subsequently fit the axle across the two ends holes of PVC pipes, make sure it will accurately fixed. Secure these PVC pipes on a wooden piece. Similarly in order to fix two coils we need two PVC pipes of 1/2 inches and attached it as we have attached the previous PVC pipe.

Now with the help of a lighter, ignite the hook of copper wire. Our project has been completed, now in order to test it, we need to connect the hook of copper wire of second coil with an LED, now spin the long iron nail, when an led emit light, it means our generator is working. In the same way, if one coil light up a led then connecting two coils together will emit brighter light throughout the led.

Note:The construction of this generator showing in this video, Video language is Urdu but 3rd links video with English subtitle for international visitors

Watch Video (Link 1)

Video link 2

Watch Video on Pakistan Science club YouTube channel in English sub-title Make your own Electric Generator

  • Presenter: Habab Idrees
  • Project Design: Abdul Rauf
  • Translator: Erum Habib


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  • yadav shivam

    what is the dimension of the magnets used in this electric generator

  • sena sazcı

    Are these two coils same? Because it’s looks like one of the coils isn’t covered with paper tape.

  • syed mohd talha

    Can u please tell me where u got these magnets ?