Make a simple Periscope

Make a simple Periscope

Make a simple periscope

A periscope is a device commonly used in the submarines to observe above the sea water while keeping the submarine under the water.

Material required to make a simple periscope

To make periscope, you will require simple household material such as:

  • A 1 feet square card board piece
  • Two mirrors of 2 inch square
  • Protector, pencil and scale
  • Sticking tape and hot slue
  • Scissor or cutter

Steps of construction

  1. Take piece of cardboard and divide it in 4 equal parts i.e. 3 inches and mark the lines.
  2. Make rectangular cavities of 2 inch square on the alternate parts in opposite direction.
  3. Measure angle of 45 degree with the help of protector along the cavities.
  4. Mirrors are set behind these openings at 45 degree angles so that the image viewed at the top is reflected by the first mirror to the second and then to the observer as shown in diagram, stick the mirrors with the help of hot glue.
  5. Fold the cardboard on the marked lines of 3 inches, stick the ends with the help of sticking tape so that it will look like a box.

Periscopes fitted on submarines use this same basic setup, adding a series of lenses to magnify the image over a longer distance.

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