Make a Lauan seed model

Make a Lauan seed model

The plant spreads seeds to leave offspring by a variety of methods. A certain kind of plant seed flies over air. Let’s make flying seed models look like Lauan seed

Fabrication of Make a Lauan seed model

(1)Two rectangle shapes 2cm×15cm are cut out from cardboard.

(2)Two papers are arranged in acute angle V-shape,The bottom is fixed with the stapler.

(3)The blades are curved a little outside.The paper clip is put on the bottom.

(4)Let's throw it upward. It falls with rotation.


We can make the toy which flies upward with rotation. Though this is not a seed, it is similar structure with Lauan seed.

Fabrication of helicopter

(1) One rectangle 1cm×10cm and two squares 1cm×1cm are cut out from cardboard.

(2) Small papers are glued on the centre of long paper.

(3) Make a hole at the centre of the paper and fix the bamboo skewer by the bond.

(4) Both ends of paper are twisted a little and make curve.

(5) Give it rotation by your hands. It flies upward.

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