Build Your Own Voltaic cell

How to make voltaic cell at home

Build Your Own Voltaic cell

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What is voltaic cell?

A voltaic cell is an electrochemical cell that uses a chemical reaction to produce electrical energy. The important parts of a voltaic cell: The anode is an electrode where oxidation occurs. The cathode is an electrode where reduction occurs.

We can make an electric cell by using easy available materials. Let’s try it.


It is Alessandro Volta in Italy who invented the battery for the first time in 1800. That used the zinc and copper plate in the dilute sulfuric acid. This electric cell is a prototype of a dry battery today. Let's make the voltaic cell.


glass cup or glass bottle, diluted sulphuric acid (battery liquid), zinc plate, copper plate, conducting wire, clip, light emitting diode (LED), and hydrogen peroxide solution


  1. The zinc plate and the copper plate are put in the glass cup.
  2. Diluted sulfuric acid is put.
  3. The zinc plate and the copper plate  to the conducting wire. Because the voltage is low in one, it connects in series by two
    or more.
  4. It is connected to LED.
  5. The bubble of hydrogen attach to the surface of the copper plate soon. It becomes the insulator and the electric current is getting weaker.
  6. The bubble can be taken by putting the hydrogen peroxide solution and the current revives.


Volta discovered the ionization tendency while advancing this research.Ionization series to water is below.

Li, K, Ca, Na, Mg, Al, Zn, Fe, Ni, Sn, Pb, (H), Cu, Hg, Ag, Pt, Au
In the voltaic cell, the metal which becomes ion easier than hydrogen is use for negative pole and the metal which is more difficult to become ion than hydrogen is use positive pole.In this battery, zinc melts to sulfuric acid and it becomes a zinc ion.The electron is left for the electrode at this time. This electron flows in the conducting wire and reaches the copper plate. The electron is given to the hydrogen ion here, and the hydrogen gas will produce


Q: Let’s make sure that each combination will make electric current or not.

How to make voltaic cell video

The simple cell or voltaic cell consists of two electrodes, one of copper and the other of zinc dipped in a solution of dilute Sulfuric acid in a glass vessel. On connecting the two electrodes externally, with a piece of wire, current flows from copper to zinc outside the cell and from zinc to copper inside it.

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