How to make Tumblewing (Urdu Video)

How to make Tumblewing (Urdu Video)

How to make Tumblewing (Urdu Video)


A tumblewing is a paper airplane which rotates about a horizonal axis. Its mode of flight is more akin to confetti than traditional fixed wing aircraft; However, several model aircraft have been built with tumbling wings for lift (force). Because it has no need for ballast, the tumblewing design has a lower wing loading and makes a good walkalong glider which is easy to make and fly.

What you need.

Page from a phonebook (PAPER The paper you make the tumblewing out of should be lightweight but stiff enough to keep its shape.)

  • a pencil
  • a large piece of cardboard
  • scissors
  • tape


Cut two 7 inch and 1.5 inch paper strip and join together with the help of tape at both ends

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