Hands-On Stem – an evening of experiments, learning, and fun

Pakistan Innovation Foundation – PIF Creativity, Science and Innovation (CSI) labs and Muslim Science – in collaboration with Habib University and Pakistan Science Club. – are proud to present ‘Hands-On Stem’ – an evening of experiments, learning, and fun – for young scientists and science enthusiasts of Karachi at Habib University.

Registration is free but mandatory. There is no age restriction but we recommend 12-22 years old.

Register here: http://muslim-science.com/hands-on-stem/

Hands-On STEM Activities

 Wind Turbine

Activity focuses on how wind energy can be generated. Student teams design and build a working wind Turbine out of every day. Student wind turbines must be able to sustain the wind generated by a fan or hairdryer at medium speed a t 2 feet and rotate, lifting a small object upward.

wind mill


1. Hairdryer or
2. Yoghurt cups
3. Pencil
4. Wooden stick
5. Wooden spoons
6. String
7. Paperclips,
8. Rubber bands,
9. Toothpicks,
10. Tape
11. Dowels
12. Paper
13. Cardboard
14. Plastic wrap
15. Other materials you have available


See more:



Egg Drop Parachute

Egg Drop Parachute
Egg Drop Parachute

The “Save the eggs with Parachutes” activity explores how parachutes are used to slow moving objects. Students work in teams to design and build their own parachutes out of everyday items. They test their parachutes, save the eggs with Parachutes.

1. Roll of string
2. Plastic trash bag
3. Plastic shopping bag
4. Scissors
5. Masking tape
See more photos: http://www.paksc.org/gallery/481-egg-dropping-competition


This project focuses on catapult design. Teams of students construct catapult from everyday materials. They then test their catapult to determine the farthest distance they can hit a target with a marshmallow projectile.


1. Popsicle sticks
2. Rubber band
3. Plastic spoons
4. Tape
5. Roll of string

See more photos at paksc.org/gallery/509-popsicle-stick-catapults-science-camp-activity


Rubber Band Racers

Rubber Band Racers

The “Rubber Band Racers” project explores the design of rubber band powered cars. Students work in teams to design and build their own rubber band cars out of everyday items. They test their rubber band cars, evaluate their results, and present to the class. Students must design their cars to travel a distance of at least 3 meters within a 1 meter wide track


1. CD’s
2. Wood rollers or flat sticks
3. Super glue
4. Rubber bands
5. Round ice cream sticks
6. Card board

Sailboat or Sail car

FR5QFHTHKJTC6ZL.LARGEProject focuses on engineering of sailing. Students explore what marine engineers and naval architects do, and work in teams to design a sailboat or sail car out of everyday objects that can catch a breeze from a fan, stay afloat with a set load, and sail one meter


1. Popsicle sticks
2. Plastic bags
3. Long wood sticks
4. Glue gun
5. Glue
6. Bottle caps
7. Round sticks

Tall Tower Challenge

Tall Tower Challenge

This STEM activity focuses on the growth of tall buildings and their structures Students work in teams to develop the tallest tower they can build with limited materials that can support the weight of a golf ball or snooker ball for two minutes. Students work in teams to engineer the tallest tower they can build using just straws, pipe cleaners, and paperclips


1. 50 Straws
2. 50 pipe cleaners
3. 25 metal paperclips


Pakistan science club Do Science web portal www.paksc.org/pk
IEEE www.tryengineering.org
Pakistan Science Club’s youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/pakscienceclub/videos
Pakistan Science Club’s Dailymotion channel http://www.dailymotion.com/paksc

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