How to make Simple Hydrogen Fuel Cell

How to make Hydrogen Fuel Cell

How to make a hydrogen fuel cell : In this project you will learn construction of hydrogen fuel cell with simple house hold items, making of a hydrogen fuel cell at home without platinum coated wire is possible, this article contain video related to fuel cell,

What is Hydrogen fuel cell?

A fuel cell combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat, and water.  Fuel cells are often compared to batteries. Both convert the energy produced by a chemical reaction into usable electric power.

How to make Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Level Elementary


lead of a pencil (2), PET bottle, dry battery (4) or power-supply unit, salt, light emitting diode(LED), music addition greeting card, sandpaper, and conducting wire(2)


  1. The cap is sealed and the leads are dipped in the salt water.
  2. The salt of 2-3 big spoons is put in water 500ml, and pour it in the PET bottle.
  3. The ends of pencil leads are brought close well.
  4. Two leads of the pencil are passed through two holes.
  5. Three holes are made for the cap of PET bottle.
  6.  The surface of a pencil lead is rubbed lightly by the sandpaper.


  1. Connect the pencil leads of to dry batteries, and pass an electric current for about 20 seconds. Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas begin to attach to the surface of the pencil leads.
  2. The batteries are removed, and you connect the lead to a
  3. hydrogen fuel cell diagrams

    light emitting diode (LED).When not lightning, the pole is connected oppositely. You may replace the light emitting diode with the speaker taken out of a music greeting card.

hydrogen fuel cell in action

hydrogen fuel cell formula

hydrogen fuel cell formula


science of hydrogen fuel cell

hydrogen fuel cell

hydrogen fuel cell Diagram

Watch video tutorial of how to make a hydrogen fuel cell  (pakscienceclub Youtube channel )

Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2ndvideo Source:Howcast

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