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The basic building block of what has been dubbed by its creators, electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie, a solar roadway. It could one day make for a highway built of 0.4 –square-meter hexagonal panels, a hodge podge of green circuit boards surrounding 36-watts worth of blue solar panels, all covered in thick, bumpy glass for safety and traction.


The idea is to put unused roadway to good use (generating electricity) while also providing an electronic means for lane shifts, driver messages and other utilities. Bonus: solar roadways obviate the need for an electric grid by including a “Cable Corridor” right in the side of the roadway that eliminates the need for power lines running alongside it. And if outfitted with sensors as well the solar highway could transmit real time traffic data or other information of interest. The novel idea has been around for a few years now, bursting back into prominence this summer thanks to a new crowdfunding campaign to support further research and development that garnered $2.2 million before closing on June 20.

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  • Comment Link Roy %PM, %06 %980 %2017 %22:%Jan posted by Roy

    So where can I buy these?

  • Comment Link INan %PM, %19 %555 %2016 %12:%Sep posted by INan

    If I invest in this and it does well, I don't get a financial return is that correct?

  • Comment Link Abby %PM, %31 %801 %2016 %18:%May posted by Abby

    I don't have the funds to become an investor, but if there's a way I can help promote this and get the word out (and learn a little more about it) that would be wonderful because I think this is fantastic.

  • Comment Link Alison Spragg %AM, %07 %101 %2016 %01:%Apr posted by Alison Spragg

    Is there a distributer for these panels in Australia?
    Could you send me the details if there is one.
    Thank you,

  • Comment Link John Barbagiannis %PM, %25 %764 %2016 %17:%Jan posted by John Barbagiannis

    We own 2 Auto Repair shops, and a gas station. DO i need to mention the 90 foot home driveways!!!! The Nor Easter we just had killed me and my employees with the amount of snow not to mention our plow tranny took a dump. Could i possibly have some more info sent to me regarding costs, prices, and time frames? Would love to test this out especially at the gas pumps when we have a crazy gas rush because of the weather. Thank you.

  • Comment Link Siphethuxolo James %PM, %29 %699 %2015 %15:%Sep posted by Siphethuxolo James

    This is a great idea, I'm from South Africa and I'd like to be an investor. Please advise

  • Comment Link jennie belliveau %PM, %15 %995 %2015 %22:%Sep posted by jennie belliveau

    would like to know costing of doing a private drive way and doing this does that with powering the house and all it's electrical appliances.

  • Comment Link Donald Headley %PM, %28 %553 %2015 %12:%Aug posted by Donald Headley

    I am very interested in having my driveway done like this! How much will this cost? We live in Alabama. How do we get involved in this. It will do great and I foresee a wonderful future. Please send info. I would like to know how to be an investor.

  • Comment Link Jd Michael %PM, %23 %002 %2015 %23:%Aug posted by Jd Michael

    Seems to be a great deal of cost going on here. How many tens of thousands of heavy duty anchor bolts per mile will be needed to ensure they remain in place under heavy braking. The protective glass cover. Wiring it all together. Installation will be costly. I would like the company pushing this idea to give us an idea how long it takes before this would pay for itself.

  • Comment Link raymond pinsonneault %PM, %11 %725 %2015 %16:%Aug posted by raymond pinsonneault

    schoolyards .. walkways .. driveways .. public squares .. etc.... little by little is a great start .... roads are built & dirt roads are asphalted one foot at a time. Preventing corporations to sabotage this new business domain can be acquired by inviting them to invest in participation .... it's time we stop these J.P. Morgan wealthy mongers to rob us of new technology for their personal gain as they have so often done in the past
    ( like the free energy for all project, invented by Dr Tesla in the 50's ) from being privately owned to be swept under the rug ....

  • Comment Link Eddie %PM, %01 %616 %2015 %13:%Aug posted by Eddie

    Let's start with my drive way and show that it can power the house hold and it will spread FASTER than a wild fire

  • Comment Link mohanad kasem mohamad %AM, %19 %330 %2015 %06:%Jul posted by mohanad kasem mohamad

    if you need a sub-contracting company that is specialized in renewable energy and is very interested in this project to run the business here in the united arab emirates please don't hesitate to contact us at

  • Comment Link johnny roman %PM, %17 %944 %2015 %21:%Jul posted by johnny roman

    Is this available in the United States, we live in Dunnellon, Florida

  • Comment Link Brooke %PM, %14 %658 %2015 %14:%Jul posted by Brooke

    I think this is a great idea and what we need for future generations. It's an amazing invention and I hope it moves forward.

  • Comment Link Carolyn %PM, %14 %651 %2015 %14:%Jul posted by Carolyn

    I see the potential. It won't replace oil completely but it sure could be a VAST improvement in so many sectors.

  • Comment Link uncommon sense %PM, %13 %619 %2015 %13:%Jul posted by uncommon sense

    Some of you posters are such idiots making statements like the big oil companies or power companies will stop this technology from happening. Do you guys have ANY clue as to how much this technology will cost to build, install, maintain or how long it will last? How about how much traction a vehicle's tires have when the surface is wet or dry? If there's electricity running through the roads what about the safety of people when there are accidents? Before jumping on the band wagon and believing whatever the snake oil salesman tells you, use your brain a little bit, do some critical thinking and find out the answers to what the snake oil saleman does not tell you.

  • Comment Link Loifa %AM, %13 %121 %2015 %01:%Jul posted by Loifa

    What will happen if there will be a earthquake or flood? The wires underground might be affected too. I hope that they can also find a solution just in case that such incident would occur. Other than that, this idea is brilliant!

  • Comment Link John %AM, %04 %376 %2015 %08:%Jul posted by John

    The oil industry is to powerful and will never allow this to happen.

  • Comment Link Ruben Rosales %PM, %28 %973 %2015 %22:%Jun posted by Ruben Rosales

    I agree would love to know if I can invest.

  • Comment Link Francisco Encarnado %AM, %25 %409 %2015 %08:%Jun posted by Francisco Encarnado

    I find it wonderful. I pray and wish that the same can be installed in my country in the near future. And hope that those industry that will be affected will not do anything bad that will affect that project negatively. This will be very helpful and will help address the problem on environment. I am a consultant -auditor-trainer on management system development that includes energy management system for ISO50001 so I believe this could be a very good project for most companies and organization.

  • Comment Link Kathy Armstrong %PM, %20 %548 %2015 %12:%Jun posted by Kathy Armstrong

    I would like to know how to be an investor.

  • Comment Link Thomas %PM, %19 %943 %2015 %21:%Jun posted by Thomas

    three words "go fund me" I'd help

  • Comment Link Zachary %PM, %17 %880 %2015 %20:%Jun posted by Zachary

    for the companies that would run out of business due to the neediness of oil and concrete paving vanishing with the creation of solar panel road ways, everyone can expect some arguments from them. Although electricity will not be needed as much, its still needed. think about it, taking away the telephone poles and such isn't exactly taking away the electricity itself. We do not just use it, we form it. so instead of charging use of electricity charge for more designs of it. program it the panels to make small televisions on your wall, i don't know. Just because they can't charge the use doesn't mean that they can't charge the design? (im just throwing options for less reasons not to build it!!! if this seems like a bad thing im sorry, i think building this would be awesome for the environment, so im trying to make companies have less reason to argue!!! Again sorry!!!!)

  • Comment Link Lovely %PM, %16 %833 %2015 %18:%Jun posted by Lovely

    Can it be hacked into? If it does wouldn't it be dangerous?

  • Comment Link Tyler Shanberg %PM, %12 %983 %2015 %22:%Jun posted by Tyler Shanberg

    What if you included extremely powerful magnets that can have a current from the sun running through it to power a car which you can later produce that will be able to hover on the roads and no need to charge the car if there is current always under it.

  • Comment Link Timothy %PM, %12 %890 %2015 %20:%Jun posted by Timothy

    This is perhaps one of the most innovative ideas I've seen for a long time.
    You have my support.

  • Comment Link steve %AM, %12 %218 %2015 %04:%Jun posted by steve

    Iam in....But Big Power Co's will shut this down...

  • Comment Link Kevin %PM, %10 %653 %2015 %14:%Jun posted by Kevin

    Have they investigated embedding RF chips in the tiles so that vehicles passing over them can read programmed information (route number, posted speed limits, etc)?

  • Comment Link Bryan %AM, %10 %521 %2015 %11:%Jun posted by Bryan

    Great idea id love to see this.... Unfortunatley i guarantee you 100% this wont be given the go ahead by any government.. why? do you really think the monopoly of conrete - oil - and electricity companies could afford to allow you to build these roads?.

    If you look in the past any inventions to do with energy are all happily created provided the do not endanger the ability for the initial stakeholders to continue to make money from it. Unless you can somehow convince the energy or road companies to take it on and somehow still make a profit..

  • Comment Link Alice %AM, %10 %276 %2015 %05:%Jun posted by Alice

    How do we get involved in this. It will do great and I foresee a wonderful future. Please send info.

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