How to Make an Ant Farm

How to make an ant colony or Make an Ant Farm (Formicarium)


How to Make an Ant Farm: An ant farm also called formicarium its a container which is designed primarily for the study of ant colonies and how ants behave. In this project you can build your own an ant farm for your science fair project.



  1. 30 cm X 30 cm Glass

  2. Cardboard box

  3. Drinking straw

  4. String

  5. Jam jar

  6. Putty

How to Make an Ant Farm
How to Make an Ant Farm


Make a ring of putty about 25 cm Dia squashed between glass plates. joint drinking straw between ring of putty and cardboard (saucer full of honey in cardboard ) string between water jar and putty ring joint also assemble colony as above, Then find an ant nest, place some of the and riddled soil inside putty ring and seal ants in with top glass plate. when not watching ants store colony in dark place


Ants work better in darkness, however, if you place red cellophane over the jar, you'll get to see them & they'll still be able to work in darkness.Do not mix different ants from different nests.

Do not hold red (also fire) ants!

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