Science, Tech Articles Urdu: Why and how earthquakes occur?

زلزلے کیوں اور کیسے آتے ہیں؟ Why and how earthquakes occur?

This article (زلزلے کیوں اور کیسے آتے ہیں؟ Why and how earthquakes occur?(Urdu article) published at Pakistan's popular Science magazine in Urdu (Global Science), in this article we will try to tell a scientific perspective, what are the earthquake,Why and how earthquakes occur? But before It is essential to know the basic things about earth structure , which can not grasp earthquakes topic without it.

Essay on Earthquake in Urdu language. Earthquakes yani zalzaly kiun aur kaisy aty hain tafseel ky saath is mazmun essay mein likha hua hai.

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