Can Coke Dissolve Meat: 5th grade science fair projects

Can soda dissolve meat
Can Coke dissolve meat

5th grade science fair projects

Can Coke dissolve meat: effects of soda Coke on meat science fair project

This experiment will explore how one of world’s favorite drinks, Coke, affects some of our favorite meats. We know that Coke is an acidic drink, but is it acidic enough to dissolve meat? With these 5th grade science fair projects, we’ll find out.


  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 beef steak (cheapest available)
  • 1 fish fillet
  • 4 liters of Coke
  • 3 bowls


1. Come up with your hypothesis – do you think the Coke will dissolve the meat? Will it dissolve some meats but not others?

2. Place each piece of meat in a bowl and fill with Coke until the meat is mostly submerged, but still visible.

3. Place all three bowls in the refrigerator (or be prepared for a mighty stink in a couple of days!)

4. Once per day over the next 1-2 weeks, check on your meats and write down what you find. Was your hypothesis confirmed?

*Tip: There are many variables to play with in these 5th grade science fair projects. You can try other popular drinks besides coke, for example, or use bones instead of meats.

But, like every good scientist, remember that you can only test one variable at a time – everything else must be the same during the experiment.

Abdul Rauf

Teacher, Innovator, Love to create, explore new ways to view & imagine things and then make them real
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